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CTA Holiday Train: Last chance this week on Purple, Yellow lines; plus Holiday Bus

Christmas is less than a week away, which means it’s your final chance to ride the CTA Sprint Holiday Train and Holiday Bus. On Tuesday, you can ride the Purple Line Express from Howard to Linden at about 3:15. Then the Holiday Train turns around and heads to the Loop for it last ride downtown... Read more »

CTA Holiday Train schedule: Red, Purple lines Dec. 16-19; plus Holiday Bus

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The Sprint CTA¬†Holiday Train¬†this week continues on the Purple and Red lines. Santa will ride the Purple Line on Wednesday and Friday, and the Red Line on Thursday. There will be two runs on each day. Then on Saturday, Santa visits both the Red and Purple lines, with a photo op at the Howard station... Read more »

CTA Holiday Train schedule: Pink, Blue lines Dec. 8-12; plus Holiday Bus

The Sprint CTA Holiday Train this week will start on the Pink Line Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be two runs on each day. Then on Thursday through Saturday, Santa visits the Blue Line. Check here later in the week for full schedules. Meanwhile, the Sprint CTA Holiday Bus will travel on three bus routes... Read more »

CTA Holiday Train schedule: It's all Green Line this weekend - and a splash of Orange

The CTA’s Sprint Holiday Train will travel the Green Line on Black Friday and this coming Saturday. The final Green Line run comes on Tuesday, Dec. 1. But since the special bedecked train is housed at Midway, the run will start on the Orange Line. The train will make one trip from Midway to Harlem/Lake,... Read more »

CTA Sprint Holiday Train debuts Saturday on Red Line

The CTA’s Holiday Train debuts today with an extra run on the Red Line, paid for through a $300,000 sponsorship with Sprint. This is the first year the train will run before Thanksgiving. Families heading to the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival this evening can start pumping the holiday spirit early by hopping the Holiday Train... Read more »

Days are dwindling for CTA Holiday Train: Red, Purple, Yellow lines await visit

With Christmas just 10 days away, your chances to see and ride the CTA Holiday Train are diminishing – but still good! The CTA’s popular bedecked Holiday Train, with Santa seated on his throne in the middle of an open car, will hit the rails on seven of the next eight days, including four separate... Read more »

Santa will ride the Blue Line on CTA Holiday Train this weekend

Santa Claus will travel the Blue Line beginning today through Saturday on the CTA’s Holiday Train. Here’s the schedule for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And Saturday is a special photo day for kids and parents to have their photos taken with Santa on the Holiday Train. Santa will make a special photo appearance at 54th/Harlem... Read more »

CTA Holiday Train begins 2-day run on Pink Line

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The CTA’s venerable Holiday Train begins a short two-day run on the Pink Line today and Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon, the first trip leaves 54th/Cermak at about 2:40 p.m., hitting the Loop at around 3:10. The last Tuesday “sleigh ride” departs 54th/Cermak at around 4:15 p.m. It will arrive at Clark/Lake at about 4:40 p.m.... Read more »

Orange and Brown lines: next stop for CTA Holiday Train

The CTA’s Holiday Train is riding on the Orange and Brown lines through the rest of this week, starting today. Here’s the schedule for Wednesday and Friday. On Thursday, the train starts from the Midway Orange Line station at 3:53 p.m. and travels through the Loop at around 4:20 before heading north on the Brown... Read more »

CTA Holiday Train debuts on Green Line this weekend

Want to start off Black Friday with the CTA’s venerable Holiday Train? Head to the Green Line. Well, the Holiday Train actually starts from the Midway yard on the Orange Line at 3:07 p.m. Friday and then follows the Green Line route from Roosevelt to Harlem. Check the schedule for Friday. Saturday begins with a... Read more »