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Grand station rehab was worth the wait, aggravation

Jan. 19: The CTA and CDOT celebrated the official grand opening of the newly rehabbed Grand and State station on the Red Line. Cool lighted wall at the mezzanine level. CTA Tattler photo.
The city finished its three-year rehabilitation of the Red Line’s Grand/State station on time in December. And Mayor Rahm Emanuel made it official at a press conference Tuesday at the busy River North station. It took about $74 million and various detours and traffic configurations at Grand and State, but the wait was worth it,... Read more »

Work on Grand-State Red Line station rehab to shift soon to northwest corner

Stage 2 of Station and platform rehab work is nearing completion at the CTA’s Grand-State Red Line station. After Labor Day work will shift to the northeast side of the mezzanine area, according to Brian Steele, a spokesperson for the city’s Dept. of Transportation. “That transition will take about a month to complete,” said Steele.... Read more »

Weekend news pickup: CTA union grievances; aborted "escape" on #22 Clark

I was out of town Thursday through this past weekend, visiting friends in New Hampshire. If you think we’ve got it bad with service cuts, try living without power in your home for a few days, as at least a third of the people in the Granite State had to do after Thursday night’s tornado-force... Read more »

Construction update: New subway entrances for Grand Red Line

As the Grand Red Line construction project enters Stage 2, riders will enter and exit at one new corner, as another is shuttered. But for the busy July 3-5 holiday weekend, three of the four entrances will serve the madding crowd. However, don’t get too used to three of the four entrances being open for... Read more »