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RTA wins award for humorous "Ride On" campaign

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Congrats to the marketing folks at the Regional Transportation Authority for snaring a silver award at the 36th Annual Telly Awards in the category for Local TV and Cable commercials, Public Service subcategory. The Ride On campaign was chosen from nearly 12,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries. The RTA in conjunction with... Read more »

CTA's Claypool honors Brit for completing "L Challenge"

Once again, CTA President Forrest Claypool has recognized a person for traveling through every CTA rail station in a single day. In August, Claypool honored three students for completing the “L Challenge.” Now the British man who inspired the students and holds the unofficial record has earned his day in the spotlight. Adham Fisher recently... Read more »

CTA footbridges offer some startling views

View from the footbridge at Adams and Wabash for the Loop L. (Photo by Clark Maxwell)
Today’s post is direct ripoff from Steven Vance over at Grid Chicago, who last month had a nice piece noting that CTA footbridges over tracks were becoming extinct. The footbridge at Belmont Red/Purple/Brown  station (second photo, by Steven) was demolished to make way for the remodeled station. Steven also posted a link to a Flickr... Read more »

Lakeview plan turns space on Brown Line into park

There are many severely underutilized spaces under the elevated tracks throughout the city. The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce wants to do something about that on at least one block in its Lakeview Area Master Plan. During the planning process, researchers noted that Lakeview contains only 0.2 acres of open space per 1,000 residents, while the... Read more »

A very early commute for families (dads too) to school and work

Yesterday I wanted to get to work about a half hour earlier than usual, so I got to my “L” stop a little bit before 7 am. Right away I noticed three different dads escorting their kids to school, something I had never seen when I usually ride 30 minutes later. One dad had three... Read more »

CTA's Holiday Train holds magical moments

When boarding the CTA’s Holiday Train, your senses are instantly bombarded — light, sound, smell, and even taste if you like candy canes. About 15 CTA Tattler readers rode the train with Santa Saturday. Check out the photo slideshow below. And thanks to all of you for making it a good time, and sharing good... Read more »

Holiday Train to spread good cheer starting this weekend on Red and Purple Lines

It’s back! The long-awaited Holiday Train will thrill passengers young, old and in between starting around noon Saturday at the Howard station, heading south on the Red Line. The detailed schedule for Saturday is here; Sunday’s schedule is here. The general schedule is here. The Holiday Train is made up of six heavily decorated train... Read more »

Smooth jazz band to entertain on bumpy El ride Sunday

On Sunday, take the Jazz Train, in lieu of the A Train. A jazz trio will entertain riders on a special charter train from 1 till 3 pm Sunday. The Library stop at State and Van Buren will be the starting and end point for this special event, a part of the Chicago Jazz Festival... Read more »

Max-capacity rail cars maxed out by CTA

As huge throngs of people made their way our of Grant Park Friday night after viewing the fireworks, some Brown Line riders might have done a double take in boarding one of the CTA’s three “max-capacity” rail cars. These train cars have most of the seats removed to allow for greater capacity. These rail cars... Read more »

Onboard manicure spiffs up this guy's nails; challenging the annoying rant

Seen on the southbound Red Line at 7:30 am: A woman in her mid-20s lovingly gives a full manicure to a guy around 30 years old. She trims his cuticles as he rests his hand daintily on her purse. She cleans the nails with polish remover and files away as the guy gives encouragement and... Read more »