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Going to Blackhawks parade, rally via CTA? Stick to trains

With 30 bus routes adversely affected by the Chicago Blackhawks victory parade and rally, the best best way to get around Friday will be via CTA train. CTA’s Red and Blue subway lines and Brown, Green, Pink and Orange elevated lines are your best bet for fans heading downtown for either the parade or rally... Read more »

CTA news bites: Free transfers between Lake and Washington stations

Here are some CTA stories in the news recently: Free transfers between Lake and Washington stations. In conjunction with the shutdown of the Red Line south for track reconstruction, the CTA decided to allow free transfers between Lake and Washington stations on the Red and Blue lines. Transfers are via the Pedway in the lower... Read more »

Farewell for 5 months to Dan Ryan Red Line

All you south Red Line riders: wipe a tear and say a prayer Friday for your last weekday commute as the Dan Ryan branch prepares to close for five months on Sunday. By now I hope you’ve mapped out your alternative commute for Monday. If not, the CTA has plenty of options. And be sure... Read more »

CTA's bus and rail decrowding plan is working

The plan to reduce crowding on buses and trains is working, according to a first quarter “report card” issued today by the CTA. The CTA’s decrowding plan reduced overcrowding on many bus routes by 28 percent in the first quarter of 2013 when compared to the first quarter of 2012. On CTA’s rail lines, overcrowding... Read more »

CTA launches Red Line south trip planner; information campaign begins

South Red Line riders will use their own trip planner for commutes during the five-month shutdown of the Dan Ryan branch starting May 19. Users will enter a starting point and destination, choose weekday or weekend travel, and indicate a time of travel. The trip planner uses Google Maps to provide information on multiple transit-route... Read more »

Round 2 of CTA commuting pain: Wells St. bridge to close late Friday

CTA commuters to the Loop and River North face another nine days of commuting hell starting late Friday when the Wells Street bridge closes for reconstruction through May 5. Those of us who have been through this know it takes some planning and patience to get through. Here are the basics. And it looks like... Read more »

New spring schedules: CTA expands some bus, rail service too

Last week I reported that the #151 Sheridan nightowl service was being eliminated, among other service changes that went into effect March 31. It turns out the CTA also is increasing service, though that news was not so prominently spotlighted. So here you go, according to a CTA spokesperson: Three additional Blue Line PM trips... Read more »

CTA cuts late-night service on #151 Sheridan bus

Another bus bites the dust – well, at least overnight service will stop March 31 on the popular #151 Sheridan. Starting on Sunday, the last northbound overnight trip will leave Union Station at 1:25 a.m. on weekdays and Saturdays, and 1 a.m. on Sundays and holidays. The first southbound trip will leave Clark/Devon at 4... Read more »

Confusion, delays mark Day 1 of CTA Wells St. bridge closure

Tower 18 junction work.
After the first work day of no Loop “L” service over the Wells Street bridge, all I can say is: “Just wait till the south Red Line shuts down May 19.” There was much confusion and plenty of delays during the morning rush Monday as Brown Line riders into the Loop looked for alternatives during... Read more »

Find your alternate CTA commute for next week's Wells Street bridge work

Brown Line and Purple Express riders: Better start thinking now about how you’ll get to work in the Loop next week. The Wells Street bridge will close to CTA traffic starting at 10 p.m. Friday, reopening more than a week later for the Monday morning rush on March 11. I wrote about the alternatives two... Read more »