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O'Neil-Wise family holiday cards through the years

1986: This is Susan's first holiday card illustration. It depicts <a href="">Grandfather Frost</a>, who is enjoying a shot of Slivovitz before taking on the arduous task of gift delivery.
I am blessed with a wonderful family, starting of course with my talented wife Susan Wise. And each Christmas, Susan has used her talents as an illustrator to depict our family in various holiday scenes. It’s ┬ámuch fun to look at the living room wall in our home arrayed with the 26 framed, original artwork.... Read more »

CTA on Paper: An "early rejecter" vs. techno slave

"Where technology takes over your physical and mental processes so you can be more effectively controlled by corporate interests."
Our series CTA on Paper continues with two new drawings by artist Susan Wise. The first depicts a rare find: a high school student she saw on the Red Line who was holding something other than a smartphone! This teen resonated with her because Susan was like this at her age — always drawing something.... Read more »

CTA on Paper: deciphering the modern-day hieroglyphics

Our series CTA on Paper continues with artist Susan Wise drawing the graffiti she saw on the window sill of a southbound Purple Line last week. “Sometimes I feel like I’m standing on a corner in Ancient Rome, reading the latest gossip on the city walls,” says Susan. I’m no expert at gang symbols, but... Read more »

CTA on paper: Artist depicts public transit denizens

CTA on paper: Artist depicts public transit denizens
Today we expand our roster of contributors again to include illustrations from my talented wife, Susan Wise. (You may recall that last week we featured the first in a series of CTA haikus by Jen  Masengarb.) Susan the artist carries a small notebook with her and dashes off quick sketches of people she sees on... Read more »