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Move over! CPS students to tighten up space on CTA trains, buses

Tuesday marks the first day of school for almost 400,000 Chicago Public School students. That means that your summer respite is over from school kids crowding trains and buses. The CTA reports that more than 28 million reduced student rides were taken on CTA during the 2013-2014 academic school year. And on the first day of... Read more »

Yellow Line mess: Accountability, urgency needed

Last week, the Tribune’s Jon Hilkevitch wrote an in-depth report on the events leading up to the embankment collapse that has closed the Yellow Line since May 17 – about 14 weeks. Hilkevitch made a number of Freedom of Information Act requests for emails between the CTA, the Metropolitan Sanitary District and Walsh Construction, which... Read more »

CTA prez got a honey of a pension deal: Sun-Times report

CTA President Dorval Carter gave up a $137,000 pension earned at the CTA through 2009 to return and run the place, according to an exclusive Sun-Times report. And he earned just over $750,000 in total pension payouts from November 2009 till April of this year. He returned to the CTA in May at a salary... Read more »

Dump the Pump! Take public transit to Hawks parade, rally

Thursday is the annual National Dump the Pump Day, when people are encouraged to take public transit instead of driving to save money on gas, reduce traffic congestion and lower carbon emissions. And with the Blackhawks parade and rally starting at 10 a.m. Thursday, you have all the more reason to Dump the Pump. Avoid the... Read more »

New CTA president saying the right things on taking the helm

New CTA President Dorval Carter Jr. is the first agency leader with transportation experience since I started this blog in 2004. That’s a good thing. And in his first extensive interview with the Tribune’s Jon Hilkevitch, he’s also saying all the things that I like to hear from a transit leader. Here are a few... Read more »

Voice of the CTA pokes fun at Blago, Ferris and Blues Brothers

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Lee Crooks, the CTA’s “doors closing” voice, as well as all stop announcer, visited Chicago courtesy of DNAInfo recently and filmed this video with them. Credit DNAInfo for getting Crooks to have a little fun with his recent ride on the “L.” They even bought his Ventra card. Take a listen. (Video by Kyla Gardner.)... Read more »

Let's support CTA's Belmont bypass, and make sure it looks great

CTA sponsored a public hearing last week to take public comments on the proposed Belmont bypass. The bypass would be constructed to “fly over” the other three tracks. The Red and Purple could proceed north and south instead of stopping to wait for the northbound Brown Line train to pass over three tracks. You can... Read more »

CTA tries later Purple Line Express service in pilot test

Right about now, a Purple Line train is departing Linden heading south as part of a pilot test to determine demand for later service on the Purple Line Express. Starting today through July 10, a Purple express train will leave Linden at about 8 p.m. It will arrive at Clark and Lake about 50 minutes... Read more »

CTA Ventra app launch delayed till fall for more testing

Taking the cautious approach, the CTA announced last week that it would do more thorough testing on its Ventra app that will serve both Metra and Pace riders, and thus delay the launch until this fall. The CTA is teaming with Smart Chicago Collaborative’s Civic User Testing Group to put the app through its paces.... Read more »

CTA rolls out new monitoring system to tackle bus bunching

The CTA is stepping up its efforts to alleviate bus bunching with the introduction of a new real-time monitoring and communications systems. With the Bus Transit Management System (BTMS),  buses should be able to more quickly adapt to changing traffic and street conditions, and help avoid bus bunching that leads to long waits between buses.... Read more »