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CTA offers new alerts about elevator status

For those of you with bad knees, swollen feet or are wheelchair-bound, knowing when elevators are out of service is crucial. You have to plan your trip around an outage, since only 88 of the 140-plus CTA rail stations have elevators as it is. Now the CTA offers riders real-time elevator status information via text... Read more »

CTA communication problems persist in Howard meltdown

Friday was not a good night for the CTA. First, there was a power outage at Howard, where the Red, Purple and Yellow lines converge. This happened at the height of rush hour. CTA tried to respond to this by bringing in generators. But it was still a slow slog to Howard and beyond for... Read more »

Ventra reps making "courtesy calls" to help CTA Chicago Card, Plus customers

Ventra service representatives this week are reaching out to Chicago Card Plus and registered Chicago Card customers, according to the CTA. The operators are making “courtesy calls” to “assist them in their transition to Ventra, including Ventra card activation.” These customers represent about 17 percent of CTA customers. But they have had the majority of... Read more »

CTA Ventra card: Big problems with online activation - and how to do it right

At least a few CTA Tattler readers and myself are reporting problems with activating the new Ventra card online after finally receiving one in the mail. To be clear, that’s for Chicago Card/Plus cardholders who got emails in August from the CTA stating their card would be coming in September. The activation problem stems from... Read more »

CTA's new messaging on rail delays not quite ready for prime time

On Sunday I wrote that CTA makes new effort to give riders clear, consistent info about rail delays. It turns out I jumped the gun a bit on that. I heard from a CTA media spokesman today is that the bulletin I posted (since taken down) was incomplete and in some places inaccurate – though... Read more »

CTA makes new effort to give riders clear, consistent info about rail delays

[Editor’s Note: Please see my post noting that the bulletin I’m reporting on here was not complete and not ready for release.] The CTA is training motormen to give its riders a clear, consistent message explaining the cause of rail delays, according to a rail service bulletin issued last week. The bulletin, found by a... Read more »

CTA earns a D-minus for failed passenger communication after Red Line derailment

Workers help a rider to safety at the Red Line derailment near Armitage May 9. (Chicago Tribune photo by Alex Garcia)
(This is a guest post by longtime CTA Tattler reader and commenter C C Writer.) The one good thing to come out of Thursday’s transit fiasco is that I had plenty of time to compose a rant in my head. (A southbound Red Line train derailed near Armitage.) I give the CTA a D minus... Read more »

CTA launches Red Line south trip planner; information campaign begins

South Red Line riders will use their own trip planner for commutes during the five-month shutdown of the Dan Ryan branch starting May 19. Users will enter a starting point and destination, choose weekday or weekend travel, and indicate a time of travel. The trip planner uses Google Maps to provide information on multiple transit-route... Read more »

CTA to improve Internet connectivity in subway tunnels

Who hasn’t tried to open a Web page or check on a bus connection in a CTA subway tunnel, only to find no bars on you phone or get the dreaded “no Internet connection” message? Well, the CTA now is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen again. The CTA announced today it has issued... Read more »

Confusion, delays mark Day 1 of CTA Wells St. bridge closure

Tower 18 junction work.
After the first work day of no Loop “L” service over the Wells Street bridge, all I can say is: “Just wait till the south Red Line shuts down May 19.” There was much confusion and plenty of delays during the morning rush Monday as Brown Line riders into the Loop looked for alternatives during... Read more »