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CTA rail expansion and modernization: Best reasons to support new TIFs

The CTA’s plans to extend the Red Line south to 131st Street and modernize the Red and Purple lines north of Belmont got a big boost last week when the state legislature passed a bill allowing the city to create special Tax Increment Financing districts within a half-mile on each side of 46 miles of... Read more »

New Wilson SB platform to open on Monday; number of entrances doubled

The CTA on Monday will open the new southbound platform at the Wilson Red Line station, marking the beginning of Phase 2 of the three-year, $203 million project. Red Line service frequency with remain the same, but southbound trains will board on the new platform. Purple Line service and frequency also will remain the same,... Read more »

New CTA rail cars change hated configuration, create Chicago jobs

When the CTA board approved a $1.3 billion contract for new rail cars, it accomplished two things: It changed the hated aisle-facing seating configuration (for the most part). It created 170 local jobs in Chicago, as the Chinese manufacturer will build a $40 million plant to build the cars. CSR Sifang America JV, a Chinese company, will... Read more »

Going electric: CTA to buy 20-30 more all-electric buses

After testing two all-electric buses for a full year, the CTA has decided to buy up to 30 more over the next few years. The 40-foot electric-propulsion buses, manufactured by New Flyer Industries Inc., are designed to provide a cleaner, quieter ride that reduces fuel costs and significantly decreases emissions, improving air quality for customers... Read more »

CTA to make all rail stations accessible within 20 years

The CTA last week committed to make all rail stations fully accessible within 20 years. Twenty years. That should show you how hard it is to get capital funding these days for big-ticket items such as station rebuilds. The first step to achieving that goal is to develop a “first-ever, comprehensive plan that will outline... Read more »

New law provides more federal bucks for CTA capital improvements

Congress last week gave public transit systems an early Christmas gift with the passage of a multiyear surface transportation authorization bill, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation, or the FAST Act. About $61 billion of the total $305 billion act will fund public transit improvements for the next five years. Included in that is about $2.7 billion in... Read more »

Cool video captures CTA Wilson station construction

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A cool time-lapse video shows construction of the new Wilson station, documenting well the deteriorated Purple Line tracks in the area. Luke Starkenburg did a fabulous job showing traffic from Granville to Lawrence. You gotta check it out. —————————– If you like this post, please like my Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.... Read more »

CTA opens new, accessible Clark-Division entrance on Red Line

The new Clark-Division Red Line station opened last week after more than two years of construction. The CTA and Chicago Department of Transportation first built a new accessible entrance at LaSalle, which opened in late June 2014. That’s when the Clark-Division entrance closed to remodel the mezzanine station and made it accessible. Major highlights of... Read more »

CTA notes good progress made on accessibility; still more work to do

The CTA celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act this week by noting the strides it has made in making public transit accessible. But there is more work to do. The act was signed into law on July 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush, ensuring the civil rights of people with disabilities. The legislation... Read more »

Purple Line Express track work to eliminate slow zones on north end

The CTA is trying to put the “Express” back into the Purple Line Express with a $30 million track project that will start and finish by year’s end. The project will fix aging track infrastructure, including replacing track ties and the restoration of track alignment from Lawrence to Jarvis on both Howard-bound and Loop-bound tracks. Currently there are... Read more »