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Sleeping girl makes puddling mess; grooming woman prefers stick deodorant

News from the CTA etiquette front. Or shall I say, lack of etiquette. First, my daughter related this after-school train story. All was quiet until she heard: “Crystal! I knew I did not want you falling asleep on this train because I knew you would have to go to the bathroom.” Everyone in the train... Read more »

A Bible thumper gets a taste of his own medicine

Admittedly, it’s been awhile since my commute was ruined by someone proselytizing about how Jesus saves, while he — or she — drones on from the Bible. I’ll have to remember this tactic next time.   Hat tip to Tovi for sharing. If you like this video, vote for it at the Project Reason Video... Read more »

Strange happenings aboard the Politeness Bus

Cheryl shared her story about a ride on Politeness Bus this week. Be sure and share your Crazy Commuting Tales too. Cheryl’s story: I managed to catch the Politeness Bus today. Which is much cooler than the Santa train, btw. Young people jumped up and offered their seats to everyone who looked to be over... Read more »

Shaving passenger turns Red Line into a barbershop

CTA Tattler reader Mikey shares this video of a passenger blithely shaving on the Red Line. People, please finish your personal grooming — including makeup application and nail clipping — at home before boarding trains and buses.

2009 CTA zanies - Q4: Scary bus fight (not CTA); vomit seat warning; don't mess with her

We close out 2009 with this look at crazy CTA stuff from the last three months of the year. October: My pal Tovi showed us a surprise among a mountain of bags. We covered the case of the stinky CD and the non-responsive driver. It didn’t happen on the CTA, but certainly it could have... Read more »

2009 CTA zanies - Q3: Annoying cellers and screamers; singing on the bus; stinky and obnoxious passengers

We continue our end-of year wrap-up of crazy stuff we saw or did on the CTA in 2009. Today, we look at July, August and September. July: There was a toss-up in “what’s more annoying” between the celling teen and the screaming senior citizen. More helicopter lifts disrupted bus routes. And we brought you the... Read more »

2009 CTA zanies - Q2: The 151 bus appears twice! Plus, the stoned celler, and a guy's onboard manicure

Today we look at crazy CTA Tattler tales from the second quarter of 2009. April: This story just seems to totally crazy. A woman who lost her wallet on the No. 151 bus actually got it back when the driver found it. And legislators rode creaky old buses to get an idea of the breadth... Read more »

How do you deal with the obnoxious passenger?

How do you handle a hostile, belligerent, in-your-face passenger on a train or bus? From my experience, other riders prefer to keep their heads down, blinders on, and give them wide berth. Last week on the X80 Irving Park, a large woman boarded, stood in the doorway, and bellowed, “I’m here!” The driver proceeded to... Read more »

How not to become a victim of CTA pickpockets

Last week I heard from a woman who was a victim of a pickpocket team. She wants me to share her story to educate you all about these doofuses. Her story starts below. Thanks for sharing, Isabel. Also, the Tamale Chica wrote me separately to share a blog post by a cop who was trying... Read more »

The Tattler talks about bad CTA behavior on WBBM-CBS TV2

This morning at the ungodly hour of 5:45 am, I talked with Ed Curran on the WBBM morning show about the idea of banning stinky people on public transit. The Honolulu city council discussed the idea Thursday but deferred a decision on the issue. You can go read about CBS2’s coverage about the issue here... Read more »