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Best CTA Tattler photos you might have missed on Instagram

If you need to iron your pants while waiting for a bus at Lunt and Sheridan, you're in luck!
You might have noticed that at the bottom of every post I encourage you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But hey, I know not all of you participate in all those social media platforms. Not to worry. In this photo gallery I present the best CTA photos I’ve posted on Instagram. If... Read more »

How to identify the "players" in the CTA shell game

How to identify the "players" in the CTA shell game. (Photo by Venus)
Here’s a big Tattler thank you to Venus for posting this photo at my Facebook page. It reminds us who and what to look out for on the old CTA shell game. I will let Venus tell the story, since she did it so well: WARNING – CTA RIDERS! It’s called the old “Shell Game,”... Read more »

Original CTA "L" Challenge champ returns to try and retake the title

The British man who first set the unofficial record of traversing the entire CTA rail system last year is back this week to try and reclaim it. And he’s making a splash while here in Chicago. On Tuesday Adham Fisher will be promoting his record-breaking effort with Nikki Huber, Miss Earth Illinois, while wearing a... Read more »

Roosting rooster stops CTA Blue Line traffic at Logan Square

Thumbnail image for 'Roosting rooster stops CTA Blue Line traffic at Logan Square'
From the CTA News of the Weird: Chicago police were called to CTA’s Logan Square Blue Line station just after midnight Monday to corral a rooster who was happily roosting on the tracks. The video shows the rooster did not resist “arrest” as the officer scooped him up and sent him to Animal Care and... Read more »

Student chronicles Red Line ride with favorite Tattler tales

What do you get when you take video of a ride on the Red Line and combine it with crazy commuting tales from the CTA Tattler? You get “The CTA: Romantic Tableau,” a creative piece spliced together by Darryl M. Holliday, an editor with the Columbia Chronicle. Darryl asked yours truly to recount some of his favorite... Read more »

Sisters cart their lives onto the Red Line

At least a dozen times this winter I’ve seen two sisters in matching long, wool coats, matching red scarves, and matching green hats, sitting on the Red Line in the area set aside for a wheelchair. But instead of a wheelchair, they placed what perhaps is all their earthly belongings. And it looks like they’ve... Read more »

CTA on paper: Artist depicts public transit denizens

CTA on paper: Artist depicts public transit denizens
Today we expand our roster of contributors again to include illustrations from my talented wife, Susan Wise. (You may recall that last week we featured the first in a series of CTA haikus by Jen  Masengarb.) Susan the artist carries a small notebook with her and dashes off quick sketches of people she sees on... Read more »

"El Stories" travels familiar territory on the Red Line

It really could be any average Red Line trip from Jackson in the south Loop to Howard at the top of Chicago in Rogers Park. But the talented actors with the Waltzing Mechanics liven things up by re-enacting true “El Stories” gathered in interviews from Red Line commuters and brought to the stage at City... Read more »

Shameless sharing of sexted photos startles Red Line riders

Two college-aged guys are sitting in the seats across from each other adjacent to the doors on the Red Line headed south. Both were heavily working their iPhones, reviewing various photos of women they knew. It was clear they were texting the photos back and forth to each other. At one point, one guy said... Read more »

"El Stories" to showcase real-life vignettes from rollicking Red Line

Using the actual words of CTA Red Line commuters, the Waltzing Mechanics troupe will bring the Red Line to life on stage at City Lit Theater starting Feb. 7. The script is adapted from interviews with 23 commuters from across Chicago, According to the press release, “Care was taken in adaptation to preserve the actual... Read more »