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CTA people: Don't attack drivers and be otherwise stupid!

People of the CTA! Can we all please promise to just be a little nicer to each other, and particularly to CTA employees? In the last month, there has been a rash of assaults on CTA bus drivers. In late June, a man was charged with exposing himself to a driver in the Garfield Ridge... Read more »

Pre-gaming it with a chicken sandwich fight

(As CTA Tattler takes a brief summer’s respite, we’ll publish “Tattler Tales” from the very early days of CTA Tattler. I started chronicling all things seen and heard on the CTA in June 2004. This is my first July 4th post, 2004. Happy Fourth!) We’re on the Red Line heading south from Howard around noon... Read more »

Mayor Rahm surprises celler on CTA Pink Line after Morgan Street opening

Mayor Rahm Emanuel rides the Pink Line after presiding over the official opening of the Morgan Street station. Photo by Ben Meyerson for the Chicago Journal.
Here’s another in my periodic series of photos of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel riding the CTA rails. This time he rides the Pink Line from Morgan to Clinton after the press conference announcing the official opening of the Morgan Street Station on the Pink and Green lines. Photographer/reporter Ben Meyerson tweeted that on the ride... Read more »

Fantasies about jamming cellphones on public transit

When I have to listen to a woman whine about her boyfriend, or some guy bitching about his fantasy football team, I sometimes wish I could just shut off the phones or jam the network. A guy on a Philadelphia bus did just that, and more than once. And he boasted about it on a... Read more »

Ranting racist CTA passenger sounds like he "lives in a van by the river"

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We’ve written many times about loud, obnoxious cellers on the CTA who scream into the phone about bloody moles and what they are ordering for dinner. But this guy takes the cake. He literally screams the entire time about the current situation in Israel with the the Palestinians. And he sounds an awful lot like... Read more »

CTA quiet car might be nice, but spirited conversation rules

Metra expanded its “quiet cars” project to all 11 of its rail lines this week. Metra’s website says “the rules are simple”: No cellphone calls. If passengers must answer their phones, they should make it brief or move to the vestibule or another car. Conversations are discouraged; if they must be held they should be... Read more »

How to handle a woman who theatens you with assault on the CTA

On Monday I shared tips on “What to do if you have problems with mentally ill, homeless on the CTA.” Now I realize I should have covered what to do if a belligerent woman gets in your face and threatens to assault you. That’s what a guy on the Red Line faced earlier this year.... Read more »

CTA to offer naming rights; Santa is riding the rails; and other items of note

The transit agency next week will issue a Request for Proposals for companies interested in naming rights to L stations, rail lines, bus routes, special services or events and retail space. We suspect Apple will be the first in line for rights to the North/Clybourn station. The stipulation for first naming rights was included in... Read more »

Some things just can't be unheard

Overheard from a celler on the CTA Red Line: “I ain’t even had sex, why do my legs hurt so bad?” Hat tip to my daughter Moira, who is always on the lookout for CTA Tattler Tales.

CTA passenger secures after-work refreshments

Overheard on the #80 Irving Park bus, from a large woman in her 40s screaming into her cell phone: “If there’s no beer when I get home I’m going to be really pissed off!” Then she hung up and promptly belched. Loudly. May you all find appropriate refreshments when you get home tonight and have... Read more »