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Let's be a little more courteous to pregnant women, new moms on CTA

Pregnant women and new moms who use the CTA face bigger challenges using public transit than just about any passengers – perhaps more even than wheelchair-bound riders. First, pregnant women face rude CTA passengers who won’t do the decent thing and give up their seat. In its recent courtesy campaign, the CTA included a humorous... Read more »

Anti-harassment ad campaign on CTA hits roadblock, stalls

More than a dozen girls and young women from the Courage Campaign asked the the CTA board last week for its help in fighting sexual harassment on trains and buses via awareness ads. And while some board members were encouraging, the ad campaign was not given the green light by the transit agency. It turns... Read more »

CTA shames discourteous riders with humorous campaign

Don't be a road block. Step off the train to let others exit.
We’ve written often about annoying behavior of CTA riders. Blocking the doors. Littering. Not giving your seat to expectant mothers. Playing loud music. Talking loudly on your phone. Putting your bag on the seat next to you. The CTA has gotten the message that we riders are very annoyed by these behaviors and has started... Read more »

Did you hug your favorite CTA worker today?

OK, so maybe that would be creepy to hug your favorite CTA worker. But did you at least thank him or her today? March 18 is Transit Employee Appreciation Day, according to the Regional Transportation Authority, which encourages us to “recognize the contributions of the hard-working public transit employees.” And all it takes is a... Read more »

Online petition launched as latest salvo in CTA "stroller wars"

Moms and dads pushing strollers onto CTA buses have launched another salvo in the CTA “stroller wars” – an online petition that seeks approval for strollers to be parked by seats marked for wheelchairs on buses and trains. The petition specifically asks that: Young children are allowed to remain in strollers for the duration of... Read more »

Your No. 1 CTA annoyance: Standees who block doors

You have spoken. You told us that people who stand in the doorway of L cars and buses and block the doors annoy the hell out of you the most. Last week I asked you to take a quick poll about what annoys you most on the CTA. More than 350 of you took part... Read more »

Talk to a stranger on the CTA subway - you'll feel good about it!

So really, when was the last time you talked to a stranger on the subway? And no, that time you were drunk coming home from the Cubs game on the Red Line doesn’t count. Now a recent research study suggests that maybe we should make the effort to talk a stranger on the subway, because... Read more »

How we can help pregnant CTA riders: Shame men to give up seat

A recent column by a pregnant Tribune reporter rekindled the heated discussion: Why don’t men (especially young men) give up their seats to pregnant women? From her account of her Red Line commute:  I try to find the safest spot to stand, grab on tight and meekly search the faces of those around me, hoping... Read more »

A reminder of prohibited CTA activities - and how to be a good transit neighbor

Last week, the CTA prohibited the use of electronic cigarettes on any CTA bus, train, platform/station or other property. I took that opportunity to review other “Policies and Practices” for the CTA. “To maintain a safe and pleasant environment for everyone, the CTA has some basic rules governing behavior on our buses and trains, as well... Read more »

What would you do? Showing consideration to CTA riders with disabilities

Last week I got this email from a longtime reader. She brings up an important issue of being more considerate of our fellow riders. Dear CTA Tattler, I have a disability, and I take the elevator when I can at L stations. Where there isn’t one or its broken, I am blessed with being able... Read more »