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CTA eliminates 149 jobs, some related to new Ventra fare system

As Ventra comes in, CTA jobs go out. A total of 149 positions have been eliminated, the CTA announced today. About one-third of those positions are currently vacant. The cuts and reorganization should save #13 million per year. Some of the job cuts were related to the introduction of the new Ventra payment system, as... Read more »

CTA installs Train Tracker screens at all stations

The CTA has finished its yearlong odyssey to install Train Tracker screens in all rail stations – a week ahead of its own Labor Day deadline. A Train Tracker screen at the CTA’s Merchandise Mart station. (CTA photo) Last week the CTA installed the screens at the Madison/Wabash Loop elevated station. With this latest installation,... Read more »

CTA faces $10 million budget gap this year

CTA riders really haven’t liked paying more for multi-day passes, but the agency’s number crunchers inaccurately predicted just how much we hate paying more. As a result, the CTA is now looking at a $10 million budget deficit for this year, the Tribune reports: Transit officials promised to eliminate the budget gap without imposing more... Read more »

News pickup: CTA cuts absenteeism; new parking validation at Howard Red Line

Here are some news and notes from the CTA-osphere over the last few days. CTA reduces absenteeism, but it still costs $30 million. The CTA has cut the cost of absenteeism by about $10 million, but it still vexes the transit agency’s bottom line. And the rail workers union boss blames the problem on non-union... Read more »

CTA Ventra rollout proceeds; "plus" card users verify contact info

The first “real” user test of the CTA’s new Ventra payment systems is just weeks away. In the last two weeks, users of the CTA’s Chicago Card Plus and registered Chicago Card users got emails asking them to confirm their contact information. Once riders do that, the CTA will email them seven-to-10 days before their... Read more »

State cuts in reduced-fare program squeeze CTA budget

A 50 percent cut in the amount the state distributes to the CTA to compensate for the reduced-fare program will cost the transit agency almost $14 million through next June. And that could result in new fare increases or reduced service, according to a Tribune story. The state funded the reduced-fare program by a total... Read more »

CTA South Side ridership drops, but commuters using alternative Red Line service

While CTA ridership on the South Side has dropped by about 10 percent, most former Red Line south riders are taking advantage of free or discounted alternative service during the first part of the five-month track reconstruction project. More than 42,000 customers are using the alternative service compared to the 46,000 “station entries” on the... Read more »

Exemption from $5 fare from O'Hare on Blue Line ends today

The temporary exemption of the $2.75 surcharge to ride the Blue Line from O’Hare ends today for all CTA customers using Chicago Card or Chicago Card Plus cards. The CTA in January changed the fare from O’Hare to $5, adding the $2.75 surcharge to the base $2.25 rail fare. But it exempted customers who use... Read more »

CTA redoubles efforts to clean buses

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The CTA recently developed “more stringent criteria” for bus cleaning, resulting in more frequent “deep cleanings,” according to the Going Public column in the Tribune. The accompanying Tribune video gives a great snapshot at how the cleanings are done. Since the Going Public column is protected behind a pay wall, here’s some detail from the... Read more »

CTA pass increases lead to lower revenue

After the CTA raised prices for all of its passes in January, the transit agency is now reporting that revenue is about 2.5 percent less than budgeted, according to the Sun-Times. CTA President Forrest Claypool told the CTA’s board today that riders are switching to pay-as-you-go and away from passes. The seven-day pass increased 22... Read more »