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CTA pays out a boatload of overtime to union workers

One CTA rail service supervisor worked an average of 34 hours of overtime on top of her 40-hour work week. And the CTA is the only governmental agency that includes overtime in calculations used to determine pensions. Those are just two of the shocking findings from a Tribune report published Sunday. Jackie Hubbard, the hard-working... Read more »

Coming attractions: Redbox movie vending kiosks at CTA rail stations

CTA riders at the UIC-Halsted stop on the Blue Line can rent movies from a Redbox machine. (Chicago Tribune photo by Brent Lewis)
After topping off their Chicago Card at CTA vending machines, riders at some rail stations can rent a DVD movie at a Redbox kiosk. The first of two kiosks were installed recently at the Wellington Station on the Brown Line and UIC-Halsted station on the Blue Line. And nine more will be installed at the... Read more »

News pickup: Successful union negotiations; CTA pensions reforms working

A couple of news stories from the last few days bring some good news on the Chicago Transit Authority beat. CTA union agree on rehiring rail cleaners. It may not be a deal to give back $80 million in work rule changes, but it’s a step in the right direction. The CTA and its rail... Read more »

Cook County threatens to cut CTA funding by 66%

Citing financial woes, Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle is threatening to cut county funding of the Chicago Transit Authority by about two-thirds, from $2 million a year to $675,000, according to a Sun-Times report. Preckwinkle suggested that the city of Chicago should increase its funding commitment. But methinks she’s barking up the wrong tree: “I... Read more »

Bus rapid transit speeds into fast lane with CTA board OK today

Construction on the CTA’s first bus rapid transit (BRT) project will begin in spring of 2012 along Jeffery Street Boulevard between 67th and 103rd streets after the agency’s board on Wednesday gave it the go-ahead. The CTA board approved a joint agreement with the Chicago Department of transportation to work cooperatively on the project. BRT is... Read more »

CTA community for ideas, comments lags behind Facebook, Twitter

It’s been just two days since the CTA beefed up its social media presence with accounts on Twitter and Facebook, email and text service updates, and a separate online community where registered users can post comments on the 2012 budgets and other ideas. At 8 a.m. today, @CTA on Twitter had  around 2,000 followers, and... Read more »

Claypool, rail union chief Kelly go head to head; it's not pretty

CTA President Forrest Claypool and rail union chief Robert Kelly appeared together on the Chicago Tonight Monday. That was the last thing they agreed on. And it wasn’t pretty. Here are two choice lines: Claypool: “Mr. Kelly gets an A for rhetoric, but an F on math.” Kelly: “Mr. Claypool gets an A for BS... Read more »

CTA to use about $80 million in savings to balance budget while it negotiates with unions

I had wondered recently how the CTA could release its budget without knowing the results of union negotiations. The CTA hopes to get $160 million from union talks via “anticipated work rule reforms, health care benefit changes and restraint in wage growth consistent with other metropolitan transit agencies,” according to a press release. Last week we... Read more »

Poll on closing CTA budget gap: Should unions pay? More front-office job cuts? Small fare hike?

To balance the 2012 budget with no fare hikes or service cuts, the CTA is asking its unions for $160 million in “anticipated work rule reforms, health care benefit changes and restraint in wage growth consistent with other metropolitan transit agencies.” The union so far is balking at that. What do you think? Take the... Read more »

Compendium of CTA budget coverage

Kind readers, please note: I wrote four posts on the budget, and I know you’ll want to read them all: CTA’s proposed 2012 budget by the numbers   Claypool uses different CTA budgeting strategy from Rodriguez under similar circumstances   CTA’s examples of “antiquated” union work rules   Let your voice be heard on CTA... Read more »