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CTA reports record ridership not seen since 1991

The CTA can thank higher gas prices and an improved rider experience for the highest ridership numbers in 2011 since 1991. Chicago’s No. 1 transit agency provided almost 532 million rides last year, about 15 million more than 2010. Only 1991 saw higher ridership at 540 million. Last year’s ridership was 3 percent better than... Read more »

Weekend rail ridership grows in both Chicago and New York

The story out of New York this week is that weekend subway ridership in 2011 grew to its highest total since 1947. There were 5.4 million weekend riders on New York’s subway in 2011. In 1947, there were 5.6 million riders. But New York is not the only city seeing a big increase in weekend... Read more »

Top stories of 2011 for the CTA

The first Bus Tracker sign was installed in Kenwood. (Chicago Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak)
It was yet another interesting and newsworthy year for the CTA in 2011. Here are my picks for the year’s top stories. 1. No fare hike or service cuts for 2012. 2. CTA steps up security in wake of increased crime. 2a. CTA more than doubles number of security cameras at rail stations. 2b. More... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q4: 2012 budget with no fare increase; CTA enters social media world

The first Bus Tracker sign was installed in Kenwood. (Chicago Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak)
Here’s the final installment in our look at CTA news in 2011, finishing with the last three months of this year. October: The CTA begins installation of Bus Tracker arrival info signs at bus shelters. The CTA appeared to be setting the stage – and the tone – for upcoming union negotiations in its announcement... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q3: Claypool promises better passenger communication; Blue Line derailment

This is CTA classy on the northbound Red Line. His Coors Lite is "hidden" in the thumb of his oversized thumbs-up souvenir. (Photo by CTA Tattler.)
Today we look at CTA news from the third quarter of 2011 July: The Illinois Legislature passed a law requiring the CTA, Metra and Pace to issue a single smart card that riders of all three transit agencies can use to pay fares. In one post, I noted three glimpses of Chicago oddities via the... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q2: Claypool named CTA chief; taking the "L challenge"; non-union jobs cut

CTA President Forrest Claypool
Today we look at the CTA news and notes from the second quarter of 2011. April: The CTA got a grant to study bus rapid transit on Western Avenue. The Brown Line “derailed” just north of the Belmont near the junction. The CTA did a poor job of communicating about the accident to passengers. And... Read more »

CTA year in review - Q1: Train Tracker debut; big blizzard; Rahm elected

Today we start a four-part series chronicling the top Chicago Transit Authority stories of 2011. Today we review the first three months of the year. Over these first four days of the week we’ll cover one quarter of the year each day. January: The year started with a bang as the CTA debuted its long-awaited... Read more »