CTA offers new alerts about elevator status

For those of you with bad knees, swollen feet or are wheelchair-bound, knowing when elevators are out of service is crucial. You have to plan your trip around an outage, since only 88 of the 140-plus CTA rail stations have elevators as it is.

Now the CTA offers riders real-time elevator status information via text or email. Riders can choose to receive notifications for individual lines or all rail lines, with information on when elevators are taken out of service for maintenance or repair, and when they resume operation.

Elevators generally have a great uptime of about 99.5 percent through April, according to the CTA.

To subscribe to elevator alerts via text message:
Text “cta elevators” to GOV311 or visit http://www.transitchicago.com/updates/.

To subscribe to elevator alerts via email:
Visit http://www.transitchicago.com/updates/.

More information is available on the CTA’s website.


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