Big win: #11 Lincoln, #31 bus routes restored on trial basis

After four years of loud complaints and protests, North Side advocates of the #11 Lincoln bus will see a key portion of that route restored beginning June 20 on a six-month trial basis. And the #31 31st Street bus will run again starting in September.

Amid much hue and cry, the CTA in 2012 eliminated the portion of the #11 bus between the Western Avenue Brown Line station and Fullerton. The #31 was discontinued in 1997.

The CTA also announced improvements to bus and rail service on the South and Far South Sides.

The bus routes receiving improvements include:

  • The 95th Street bus, which will combine separate east and west segments to create a continuous route
  • The #4 Cottage Grove bus, which will extend south from 95th Street to 115th Street
  • The #71 71st Street bus, which will extend all trips from 73rd to 112th and Torrence, and see increased frequency
  • The #26 South Shore Express, which will see earlier and later service
  • The #34 Michigan and #119 Michigan/119th bus routes, which will see increased frequency during midday and evening hours

Additionally, the Cottage Grove and Ashland/63rd branches of the Green Line will see increased frequency during the AM and PM rush hours.


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  • Somehow Carter got the word that the Claypool crying games are over, and maybe CTA should listen to the communities. Also, as noted in January, Carter must have also figured out that finances were not as unfair as Claypool was crying. Instead, Emanuel now thinks Claypool can make the rest of the state feel guilty about school funding. He's probably misrepresenting that as much as he did CTA finances.

    For that matter, the south side changes hurt CTA's specious statistics, as the number of unlinked trips will be reduced since a number of transfers will be eliminated.

    Carter (or his staff) should be commended for appearing to know what he/they is/are doing.

  • YEAH!!! I live at the Belmont/Asland/Lincoln triangle and the #11 coming here will be great.

  • That's right, make the #4 Cottage Grove bus 2.5 miles longer, that won't screw it up more than it already is!
    Of course it will. It's not unusual for half hour waits for a #4, so I can't imagine how 40-50 minute waits will be after this idiocy!

  • Will they have reasonable frequency on the 11? In my opinion, what killed the 11 last time around was that it was much too infrequent to be used for regular transit. I lived a block away and only used it once because it was always quicker to use a less direct bus or train than wait for the 11.

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