CTA crime: Rider's ear bitten off on Orange platform; 2 teens assaulted

A passenger on the Western platform of the Orange Line Friday got a little hungry and bit off the top of another passenger’s ear.

A CTA spokesman told the Tribune the two were involved in an altercation.

Yes, a very personal and heated altercation, indeed.

Also early on Friday morning, police said a man made “inappropriate physical contact” and “unwanted advances” before grabbing a a 14-year-old girl when she left her seat to get off the bus, according to the Sun-Times. The girl was on a bus on the Southwest Side in the 5200 block of Southwest Side.

Finally, just over a week ago a 12-year-old boy was “inappropriately touched” by a man on a #4 Cottage Grove bus. The Sun-Times reports the boy was “approached four times by a man and asked to move so that other passengers could get off the bus.” After he complied, the boy was touched inappropriately.


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  • "5200 block of Southwest Side" Southwest side must be a new street. Maybe Ed Burke got it built.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlIOqypvT-g

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