CTA Sprint Holiday Train debuts Saturday on Red Line

The CTA’s Holiday Train debuts today with an extra run on the Red Line, paid for through a $300,000 sponsorship with Sprint.

It's almost always crowded on the Holiday Train.

It’s almost always crowded on the Holiday Train.

This is the first year the train will run before Thanksgiving.

Families heading to the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival this evening can start pumping the holiday spirit early by hopping the Holiday Train when it leaves Howard at 4:43 p.m. It is scheduled to arrive at Chicago and Grand at 5:18 and 5:20 respectively. The Lights parade starts at 5:30 p.m. at Oak Street heading south to Wacker Drive.

The Holiday Train will continue to 95th Street, and then head back to Howard from 95th at 6:29 p.m.

The Sprint sponsorship also covers the CTA Holiday Bus, which will run on multiple bus routes starting Dec. 2

Here’s the schedule for the CTA Sprint Holiday Train:

Red Line: 11/21 – Sat
Green Line: 11/27 – Fri
Green Line: 11/28 – Sat (photo day)
Green Line: 12/1 – Tue
Orange Line & Brown Line: 12/2 – Wed
Orange Line & Brown Line: 12/3 – Thu
Orange Line & Brown Line: 12/4 – Fri
Orange Line & Brown Line: 12/5 – Sat (photo day)
Pink Line: 12/8 – Tue
Pink Line: 12/9 – Wed
Blue Line: 12/10 – Thu
Blue Line: 12/11 – Fri
Blue Line (+ photo-only stop on Pink Line): 12/12 – Sat
Red Line: 12/15 – Tue
Purple Line: 12/16 – Wed
Red Line: 12/17 – Thu
Purple Line: 12/18 – Fri
Red Line & Purple Line: 12/19 – Sat  (photo day)
Purple Line: 12/22 – Tue
Yellow Line: 12/23 – Wed


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