Move over! CPS students to tighten up space on CTA trains, buses

Tuesday marks the first day of school for almost 400,000 Chicago Public School students. That means that your summer respite is over from school kids crowding trains and buses.

The CTA reports that more than 28 million reduced student rides were taken on CTA during the 2013-2014 academic school year.

And on the first day of school last year, nearly 123,000 free rides were provided by the CTA. That five-year First Day, Free Rides tradition will continue Tuesday as students and accompanying adults can ride free.

After Tuesday, students who are enrolled in school are eligible to ride the CTA for 75 cents Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. while school is in session. This discounted rate is the result of a reduction in fares implemented in 2013 to make transit even more affordable during the school year. Students must have a student Ventra Card to receive the Student Reduced Fare on CTA buses and trains. Many schools issue them. Learn more about how to get a card.

Beyond school hours, elementary students ages 7-11 pay reduced fares of $1 on the bus and $1.10 on rail and for individuals ages 12 and older pay full fare.

Many bus timetables and schedules changed on Sunday as students go back to school. Check out whether yours has changed.

And make way for students.


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  • Actually, any child between the ages of 7-11 pays reduced fares of $1 on the bus and $1.10 on the train, whether or not they are elementary students. In fact, any child between 7-11 can pay these fares 24 hours a day even if they do not have a student Ventra card. (But, as you rightly point out, they need a student Ventra card to pay the even cheaper student fares.)

  • The "crush" also depends if they are on school trippers.

  • Be glad we have democrats in Chicago. If we had republicans running Chicago, there would be NO CTA.

  • In reply to ChibiDannimon:

    Maybe you can explain how that would be preferable to the populace? Sure it gave Forrest Claypool a job, but he has moved on.Maybe the CTA wouldn't be a constant mendicant if different economic policies were practiced in Chicago. Maybe a few more students would ride the yellow school buses (those buses are undoubtedly the reason bell times were changed to reduce transportation costs).

    Don't forget that Emanuel talks a game about wanting funding for CTA, but is pushing Uber and Divvy, which supposedly are free enterprise solutions.

    I bet you are in favor of townships taxing for poor relief, even though the Daily Herald today published that most of that tax money goes to politicians. In the case of Maine Township, I know what the DH says about their civil serpents is absolutely correct. Don't know to what nopartisan caucus they belong.

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