Geeky CTA map: Chicago Table of "El"-ements

All you chemistry geeks out there will enjoy the Chicago Table of “El”-ements poster offered at the Chicago Tribune Store.

Table of El-ements

The poster shows every current L stop arranged in the shape of the periodic table of elements originally designed by Dmitri Mendeleev. Every ‘El’ement contains the line color, stop name, stop symbol, the grid coordinate location, and the neighborhood.

Here are some details.

Chicago El-ements


Closeup El-ements


Stations served by multiple lines will sometimes have different neighborhoods to feature more of Chicago. the map can be all yours for a mere $18- suitable for framing, of course!


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  • This kind of thing is dated so quickly. Like the shower curtain that was made during the brown line rehab, so some of the stations show closed. Similar is the person who got a tattoo of the map right after the pink line started while blue line trains were still running on the Douglas branch.

    This one has Madison/Wabash removed, but will be out of date as soon as Washington/Wabash opens or the Purple line quits stopping at the uptown stops or any number of changes that are to come.

  • In reply to whateva:

    But that's the beauty and fun of maps. They freeze a moment in time. I love to look at old maps and try to spot the changes. The old fold-out maps of Chicago that used to be given out free at gas stations are wonderful. If they're old enough, you see no Dan Ryan, or the early stages of the Kennedy construction.

  • In reply to SpinyNorman:

    Possibly, but a square that had Alt U.S 30, Bus. U.S. 12, or U.S. 54 wouldn't provide much context, while a map would.

  • The one that had 4 Pierogi stations made more sense, even if you could get pierogis near one of them.

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