Cutler, other Bears players show the way to game via CTA

Embattled Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and four other Bears players can be heard on CTA bus routes near Soldier Field, the Red and Green lines and some other busy bus lines.

The announcements from the players — Cutler, tight end Martellus Bennett, linebacker Jared Allen, cornerback Kyle Fuller and offensive lineman Kyle Long — are running on 16 bus routes that serve stops at/near Soldier Field (including the #128 Soldier Field Express, which runs between the Metra stations and the stadium on game days), and some of our highest ridership routes (e.g. the lakefront routes, #79 79th Street and #66 Chicago, among others.)

UPDATE: The Bears players are doing these announcements for free.

The script is: “Hi CTA riders. This is Jay Cutler reminding you that the CTA is a great way to see the Bears play at Soldier Field.”

Click to hear them:

Fuller Kyle CTA

Cutler Jay CTA

The announcements also are aired occasionally on the Red and Green lines, which both serve the Roosevelt station, the closest rail stop to Soldier Field.

The announcements alternate between players, and run just once each during a bus’ route (roughly every 15-20 minutes.) The CTA is purposely keeping the frequency low so as not to add too much additional audio on top of existing announcements.

Now, if only the CTA could reduce the frequency of game-changing interceptions by Cutler….


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  • Do you know if the Bears are paying for these or if it's something offered gratis by the CTA? If the latter, I'm opposed. If the former, well, it's probably just a way for the CTA to get the money it needs.

    My own personal preference is to have as few audio announcements as possible, because to me they just seem annoying and distracting. They're also not too helpful. (I doubt if people who would normally listen to loud devices or wouldn't give up their seat would, upon hearing the admonition to do so, change course.) However, I realize I live in a society, and part of living in a society means putting up with things that bother me but don't bother others.

  • In reply to Gabriel Conroy:

    The Bears players are doing these for free. I just updated the post to that effect.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    The update answers a burning question raised elsewhere, as it appears that nobody will pay Cutler for an endorsement deal.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    Thanks for finding the answer!

  • These run on the #49 bus, but they run back to back. It's always two players and they both say the same thing.

  • In reply to David W. Quinn:

    Seeing Kane the other day, do you really think that athletes have the ability to deviate from a script?

  • Cutler doesn't deserve to get paid for this!

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