Supercell storm slams Rogers Park; neighbors unite to clear downed trees

A fast-moving and vicious supercell thunderstorm pounded Rogers Park Sunday afternoon, shutting down the Red Line from Granville to Howard and leaving downed trees, blocked streets and sidewalks, plus power outages in its wake.

It also brought together neighbors in a way that 20-inch blizzards unite us to help each other out of snowy and icy ruts.

This very short video shows the near hurricane power of the winds. And the photo gallery depicts both the damage and my neighbors coming together to help clear the streets. Thank you to all of them.

Here’s a storm update from 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore.


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  • That person walking their dog ಠ_ಠ

  • fb_avatar

    I was coming back from Skokie today and was in mostly sunny skies - had no idea this happened, although I learned about the tree on the tracks at Howard while wondering why there was a shut-down red line train right in front of me. Hello 147.

  • Looks like they needed the participants in the Stihl Lumberjacks challenge with their chain saws and axes. There is a bow saw competition, but it doesn't look like it is getting this job done.

    Also, the ash borer eliminated some of the need for cleanup of mature trees, assuming that the ward superintendent had already cut them down. Many neighborhoods only have little trees with green watering sacks around them.

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