NO MO CTA: License plate tells story of freedom from buses and trains

From the Sun-Times comes this funny story about a former CTA rider who finally was able to ditch buses and trains, and brag about it on his license plate:

Sun-Times photo by Aiyna Bashir

Sun-Times photo by Saiyna Bashir

He was even offered $10,000 by a retired CTA bus driver, but turned him down.

Now that’s a guy who’s really happy not to be taking the CTA, and doesn’t mind letting others know about it.


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    I don't get it. I read the story. I use the CTA everyday. I am happy to. I love public transport. So this guy got car and left the CTA behind. Big deal.

    Was it that slow a CTA compalint day?

  • In reply to floydwebb:

    I agree with you Floyd. The CTA serves me well. But I thought it was amusing.

  • Since it is on a Lexus, presumably he doesn't need the CTA and can afford the alternative. Most of the people you posted on Instagram don't ride in his Lexus.

    Also, the story went into quite a lot of detail why the subject uses that license plate.

  • My BMW sits in my garage collecting dust during the week. You'd have to be certifiably nuts to drive and park downtown. You're looking at over $200 a month just to park, never mind the cost of gas, insurance, etc. I took a Divvy bike home from work two weeks ago, and it took 13 minutes. This is the fastest mode for me, beating out my 25 to 35 minute train/bus ride. However, Divvy is a sure no-go in spotty weather. I've taken cabs on occasion, and they're slower than the train/bus during peak hours.

  • fb_avatar

    I just sold my car a few weeks ago. Carless for the first time since college.

  • Oh, cry me a river, NO MO--now you're stuck with car insurance, parking, repairs, and knuckleheads that hit you that don't have insurance! CTA my have its problems, but it gets me where I want to go everyday.

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