Eight years is a long time to wait for CTA Red Line

On Tuesday night at the Addison CTA station, the wait times for the next Red Line trains were about 8.5 years.

Photo by Jonathan Rivera.

Photo by Jonathan Rivera.

Well, the “next train arrival” sign actually shows the date to be Jan. 1, but photographer Jonathan Rivera says he took this photo Tuesday night. And 4,504,143 minutes is just over 8.5 years.

The good news is that Cubs fans who may have been waiting at the time might actually see a World Series champ by the time the train arrives.

(BTW, Jonathan is a friend I wrote about in March for his “L-epathic” video.)


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  • Cubs win the World Series? Lol. Keep dreaming. ;-)

  • I thought this was some kind of reference to the RPM.

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