New job for me, but same ol' CTA Tattler

For the sake of transparency, I want you all to know that I’m thrilled to join the staff of 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore as his chief of staff starting today.

When I accepted the job, I considered whether I would continue writing CTA Tattler. And I have decided to continue to do so. The only reason I might stop is if my own work load gets too heavy. Alderman Moore supports this decision.

I want you all to know that I plan to continue writing news about the CTA, and I will be critical of the CTA when necessary. Also, I won’t write much about the CTA in the 49th Ward (mostly Rogers Park), except on macro issues, such as the Red Purple Modernization project.

Finally, thanks to you all for your support and readership over 11 years of blogging.


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  • So, any talk about why he led the demonstration to save the Jarvis station, and if that has any connection to the current RPM plan of not moving any station, regardless of how irrationally some may have been located given usual stopping intervals on rapid transit and connections to bus lines?

    For that matter, are you going to ask Joe about the pantsing he took when he tried to defend himself on Chicago Political Commentary on

  • Congrats, Kevin. And thanks for continuing the blog.

    Clearly, if you don't raise certain issues yourself, the commenters are perfectly capable of doing so.

    My only question to you is, what kind of commute do you have now?

  • Congrats, and good luck with the new gig.

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