Purple Line traffic to slow Red Line south for a year

This weekend the CTA’s Wilson station reconstruction project will kick into high gear when workers begin demolition of the southbound Purple Line tracks at Wilson.

That means Purple Line trains starting March 9 will share the track with Red Line trains heading southbound for a year. Purple Line trains will switch to Red tracks just south of Lawrence and stay there till they switch back just south of Addison. During the construction project, the Purple Line will make stops at Wilson, Sheridan and Addison.

The same number of Red Line trains will run going southbound with approximately two-to-four minutes added to the trip to the Loop. The same number of Purple Line trains also will run with about four-to-six minutes added to the southbound Loop trips.

In addition to reconstruction of the southbound Purple Line Express track and elevated structure, crews during this phase of construction will also construct a new southbound station platform and new, temporary entrances on the north and south side of Wilson, as well as a temporary exit near Sunnyside. The temporary entrances/exits will serve customers during a later stage of the Wilson project.

The Tribune, in its story about the track reconfiguration, reported that “a Purple Line commuter who rides five days a week and takes four weeks of vacation will spend up to an extra 20 hours on the train over the course of a year.”

I say, whatever it takes. The Wilson station certainly needs a major facelift.



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  • Is the crossover just south of Montrose not serviceable? Or is CTA too stupid to switch then Purple trains back there?

  • In reply to whateva:

    People have asked the similar. My reaction was that if the Kruesi administration could figure out reconfiguring the switches for the comparable 3 Track work at Belmont and Fullerton, the current staff under the leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn't even that bright. However, the majority of the riders who will be inconvenienced don't have a vote in the runoff, and probably will ride Metra.

  • The switch at Montrose from Track 2 to Track 1 is not a remote controlled switch. It is a hand throw.

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    So why didn't they install a remote one?

  • In reply to jack:

    "So why didn't they install a remote one?"
    Why are you asking the question on this "Tattler"....is there someone on this "Tattler" who can answer it? NO! So why do you proceed to ask questions that you know will never be answered. Do you get a thrill from it?
    There was a day when people who know the answer would respond...today??? Why??

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    Why do you get such pleasure at flaming everyone, especially when you don't know the answer? Why?

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    What makes you so sure there is nobody reading the Tattler who knows the answer to such questions?

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    "What makes you so sure"
    Did he get an answer? Do you the the answer?
    So that's why I'm so sure...he's not going to an answer.
    Maybe I should rephrase.....why do you ask a question when anyone on this list, "Tattler", who knows, won't give you an answer.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    I've indicated above what David is doing now and has had a history of doing on various Internet groups. If he doesn't know or is wrong, he flames. He just did it 34 minutes ago, again.

  • In reply to jack:

    "I've indicated above what David ......he flames."
    Who flamed? Someone asked a question about a switch, I answered that it was a hand throw. That solved the question.

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    Other than you not getting the point again, why did you think she thought she was going to get an answer here and why should we believe that you had it?

    Hence, all you proved is that you flamed rather than admit that you didn't have an answer to my question, or you could have just ignored.

    But, again, since you have a consistent history of doing this, and you knew I wasn't going to answer your question about why I posted a question, I am done with this. Goodbye.

  • In reply to jack:

    Who? And who is "she"? And why do you post so much?

    The switch from track 2 to track 1 at Montrose is a hand throw. Purple line trains cannot use this switch. There are no other switches in the Clark Corridor that can be used until the Junction.

  • In reply to jack:

    I take it, that like the flaming teacher on district299, you can't read either.

    Try rereading the entire thread.

  • In reply to jack:

    Kevin O'Neil, list owner: I understand that Jack is your biggest poster here, thousands and thousands, but you need to rein in his name calling.

  • In reply to jack:

    Sorry. I should have remembered the Internet motto, "Nec cibos troglodytam."

  • In reply to jack:

    CCWriter: You made me look it up and I learned something.

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    Kevin O'Neil, list owner: I understand that Jack is your biggest poster here, thousands and thousands, but you need to rein in his name calling.

    The switch from track 2 to track 1 at Montrose is a hand throw. Purple line trains cannot use this switch. There are no other switches in the Clark Corridor that can be used until the Junction.

    More important, CTA will install new switch from track 1 to track 2 with interlocking signals at Lawrence this weekend to allow for Purple line trains to gain access and be able to stop THREE STATIONS north of Belmont. Work will be done with Red reroutes all weekend.

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    So, why aren't they installing a new switch at Montrose this weekend?

    Of course, I don't expect an answer because you don't know.

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    Montrose interlocking this weekend is being used to reroute SB Red line trains back to their normal route from track 3 to track 2. These switches and signaling is already in place.
    Further down in the Wilson station replacement when track one is completed, the signal work at Leland interlocking south of Lawrence would be used to install crossovers to substitute joint Red and Purple line service on track 1 while track is removed and placed.

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    Normal Red Line Service Resumes at Wilson Thru Jarvis Stations
    Red Line
    Friday, March 06, 2015 - 9:00 PM
    to Monday, March 09, 2015 - 4:00 AM
    Impact Level:
    Normal Service*

    Full Description:
    Red Line service has resumed making normal stops at Wilson, Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Thorndale, Granville, Loyola, Morse, and Jarvis after the early completion of planned work.

    Crossover for Purple line from track 1 to track 2 at Lawrence, to be used Monday March 9 until Track One at Wilson station is complete, is ready.

  • In reply to chicagopcc1:

    David, you freaked out on me about a new switch idea at Belmont; you wanted to F I G H T somebody under 59th St. Junction about something.

    You go "BUMP.......BUMP!" on Kevin; attack Jack, and go "BINGO -- You're NOT the CTA" on me -- You've got issues Dude......

  • I understand that you can't put 10 lbs of sh*t into a 5 lb bag, but I simply don't understand why there should be delays when the trains are running at intervals exceeding 2 minutes. The operational rules are right out of the 1800's. As has been noted in this forum before, they are completely paranoid about a collision, so they take caution to the extreme.

    As I take a Brown or Purple Line train out of the Loop, it's often following another train across the Wells St Bridge. The block is only a few hundred feet long, and yet they have no problem positioning the trains so close together.

  • In reply to SpinyNorman:

    Spiny, do you remember the recent "Alex Clifford Spectacular" Show,
    I especially loved the "rats jumping the sinking ship to avoid deserved prosecution" sequence.

    There is NO [ repeat - NO ] "honesty" (What's that???) in NE Illinois Politics, only who can shove the most into whose back pockets; baby politicians in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIuMVlSWcw4 and the NE Illinois Political structure (everyone has their cherished place in the web): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-9KPe3nwaQ

  • In reply to SpinyNorman:

    Yes, I brought this question up a few weeks ago. At some point you have to look at the train intervals to expand capacity.

  • Thanks Jack. By the way, an alternative translation is "Non pascentur, quod troglodytarum." I'm not a Latin expert and Google Translate tends to give different results depending on what day of the week it is.

  • I'm glad they're finally fixing that old, outside track near Truman College. That's older than all our grandparents put together. It's the first major upgrade in over 50 years. It should have been done years ago but no one ever gave it a 2nd thought.

    Have you seen those ancient ruins? They need an overhaul like there's no tomorrow. They'll also overhaul the rest of that area as well. I can't wait for them to get finished which is supposed to be in 2016-2017.

    The Purple Line doesn't run after 9 AM and starts again around 3 PM. So you only have to worry at those times.

    In order to get to work on time, use the CTA Train Tracker! I use it and it's usually on time when it comes to the trains. http://www.transitchicago.com/traintracker
    And don't forget you can download the APP for this as well.

    Just leave your home 10-15 minutes earlier if you have to take the train from Wilson.

  • It seems that the single tracking for both the southbound Red and Purple lines between Wilson and Clark Junction went well without the promised delays this first week of AM service. A closer look at the plans revealed a full interlocking including all four tracks is scheduled together with a new Lawrence station when that stage begins. And the hand throw switches asked about at Montrose are to be removed in time.

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