Your No. 1 CTA annoyance: Standees who block doors

You have spoken. You told us that people who stand in the doorway of L cars and buses and block the doors annoy the hell out of you the most.

Last week I asked you to take a quick poll about what annoys you most on the CTA. More than 350 of you took part in this admittedly unscientific survey. Here are the results.

No. 1 top annoyance: Standees who block the doors – 30 percent of vote

No. 2 top annoyance: Beggars – 25 percent of vote

No. 3 top annoyance: Bags on seat – 14 percent of vote

No. 4 top annoyance: Huge strollers – 12 percent of vote

No. 5 top annoyance: Littering – 8 percent of vote

No. 6 top annoyance: Man-spreading – 7 percent of vote

(Due to rounding, votes don’t total 100 percent.)

So dude by the door – please move! We hate when you just stand there while we’re trying to get off the train. Or maybe this will happen (click on image):

Dont lean against the door


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  • I find that the number one annoyance is the fact that the newly designed trains are a major reason for some of the pet peeves that people have. First of all, the seats are made for children to sit in, meaning the average adult will be too big for the chairs. To add insult to injury, that stupid facing design causes all kinds of issues and you had better believe they knew about it, but didn't care since it allows for them to be cheap and squeeze more people on a train. But I ride the train at 5AM and they have become a hotel for the homeless. This morning, almost every one of those stupid seats were being used as a bed, and the two forward facing seats, or backward facing, depending on which car you are on, were taken by homeless people with carts of their belongings and the stench was unbelievable! There was not a single car without this problem this morning. And what the heck is man-spreading? That's stupid. Men sit differently from women. The problem is the stupid seats, not the way guys sit. People find it ok to say that the way guys sit is an issue, what about overweight people who take up two seats? At the end of the day, neither one of those two are really the problem at hand. Again, it's the stupid design of the seating, or should I say the new beds for the homeless. You saw this a little bit, with the old arrangement but not nearly as much. Don't believe it: Try riding the train early in the morning.

  • In reply to ESEMAJ01:

    The bed problem is due to those seats, but the main peeve of standing in the doorway and not moving into the car goes back at least 40 years. Apparently it wasn't eased by taking about about 8 seats per car.

  • In reply to jack:

    I left out the word "out."

  • In reply to jack:

    What's even worse is they've ordered more of the same cars while leaving the Ravens wood trains alone.

    They do know how irritating those new trains are but don't care. A pox on all their houses.

  • In reply to ApresSki:

    I don't follow you first paragraph. The recent solicitation for up to 846 cars was cancelled and rebid. Anything received now was on a contract issued in 2007 or 2008.

  • In reply to ESEMAJ01:

    Guys man-spread on the old train cars too. And on buses. Has nothing to do with seat design. There is no physical reason that a man has to spread his legs to form a V when he sits. Men are perfectly capable of putting their knees together when they sit so that people can sit next to them.

  • I've been secure for a few years now, but in 2006 when I was homeless for 8 months (loss of employment), the "L" (or O'Hare) was the only place you could be (especially in January and February)

    From 8 months of Personal Experience -- N O B O D Y gives a GD MF'k about you when you're homeless ("shelters" are HellHoles), so you have to make do the best you can for yourself. I suppose I could have jumped in front of a train, rather than offending the people on it.

  • Not a single person cares, huh? I know not everyone cares, but please don't say no one cares.

  • Last week on a Clark bus, there was a woman who stood blocking the aisle for a couple of miles while she stood next to the front wheel wells.
    It's time for the drivers to start telling these idiots to sit down.
    And there were plenty of empty seats for this fool.

  • Have any of you seen any of the 'Door Huggers' standing but not holding onto anything? No pole, no handrail; nothing. Just stands there, thinking gravity will keep them upright.

  • In reply to mulder42:

    Guilty as charged--I call it the "Inertia Game." But I don't play it on a crowded train, and I won't block the outbound door in order to play it.

  • I chose my words VERY carefully Phillip9, based on my experiences during those 8 months. Didn't you hear all the absolute DISGUST in their words when previous posters mentioned those lazy, worthless "homeless". If anything I was much more diplomatic than I should have been.

  • Generalizations are a dangerous thing and you've made one about the entire human race. EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET! A quick find on this page shows you're the only person to use the word lazy or worthless on this forum.

  • I'm surprised bicycles wasn't listed.

  • Bicycles are very well tolerated. I frequently take my bike on the El, and have never received any objections.

  • I was the only one who "used" those words - true, but THAT message was certainly (and unmistakably) there in earlier posts.

    And this Whole World runs on "Sweeping Generalizations" Chris, so I am not the first, last, or only one.

  • I don't know what you mean by the whole world "runs" on sweeping generalizations, but that doesn't make them right or correct.

    Also, use the reply button available to you on the forum.

  • I never said it made them correct, want to see one? Say the word "Obama" and watch all the sweeping generalized merde come spewing out of some folks mouths: Kenya, his Birth Certifcate, his Library with 3 books, etc., etc.....

    And I always use the reply button, Red Eye's server decides where to place the post.

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