Days are dwindling for CTA Holiday Train: Red, Purple, Yellow lines await visit

With Christmas just 10 days away, your chances to see and ride the CTA Holiday Train are diminishing – but still good!

The CTA’s popular bedecked Holiday Train, with Santa seated on his throne in the middle of an open car, will hit the rails on seven of the next eight days, including four separate days on the busy Red Line.

The last days of holiday fun will begin Tuesday, when the Holiday Train rides south from Howard station starting at 2:43 p.m. It should arrive at 95th/Dan Ryan by 4 p.m., and then start the trek north again at 4:19 p.m.

On Wednesday, the Holiday will travel on the Purple Line, both to Linden and to the Loop on the Purple Line Express.

It’s back to the Red Line again on Thursday, with another round trip from Howard to 95/Dan Ryan and back north again to Howard.

The train makes a command performance on the Purple Line on Friday.

On Saturday, there will be photo ops with Santa on the Red and Purple lines. The schedule for Saturday hasn’t been published yet; check the Holiday Train page later this week.

Santa also rides the Red Line on Monday and finishes up on Tuesday on the Yellow Line. After all, he has to get his sleigh ready to go for Christmas Eve on Wednesday.


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  • As I do every year, I avoid this money wasting idiocy like the plague it is.

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