CTA continues free ride tradition for New Year's Eve

Stay away from your car on “amateur” night and ride the CTA for free on New Year’s Eve and going home on New Year’s morning.

In continuing a long tradition, the CTA is partnering with Miller Coors to offer free rides on all trains and buses starting at 10 p.m. Wednesday through 4 a.m. on Thursday, New Year’s Day.

In addition, the CTA will offer expanded train service during that time, including longer trains on the Red and Blue lines and more frequency on most other lines.

Happy New Year, and party safely!

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  • No, the long tradition was that the rides were a penny, due to a state law that prohibited free rides.
    It's only changed in the last few years with a company paying the penny for each rider.
    Many drivers & L station attendants used to ignore the penny & just let people ride for free though.

  • And what happened to the CTA extended bus service?! Last year and previous years the CTA would on NYE extend the hours of the most popular bus routes that didn't already have owl service. Such as the #6 bus, which normally goes til 1am, but on NYE would go until 3 am. I depend deeply on this bus for everyday transit for work/school/etc and sad to see this NYE I thought I could depend on it too but this year CTA let me down.

  • In reply to ContinuityIssue:

    Apparently you did not read the alert attached to the press release, which does say that the hours of certain routes, including 6, have been extended. Last bus at 3 a.m.

  • In reply to ContinuityIssue:

    BTW, I was tipped off to that by a Tribune article illustrated with a bus that was junked at least 10 years ago. I guess the Tribune no longer can afford to send a camera operator to the front door of Tribune Tower to get a more recent picture, but we know that what's left of the blog formerly know as the Sun-Times can't.

  • This is really great opportunity for me. I will try to enjoy these rides next New Year.

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