Video: Riding the CTA Blue Line to O'Hare in HD

Here’s the second video in a series that the CTA is posting showing a time-lapse view of the ride to O’Hare from the view of the motorman. (If you are having trouble viewing the video below, go directly to the YouTube page.

Very cool stuff. See the Red Line video from Howard to 95th Street.

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  • Bah, that must be a really old video. There are no slow zones between UIC and Medical District, which would easily add another 3 minutes to the video.

    BTW, are there now slow zones on the Red Line between Grand and Lake? Due to the interruption of service on the Brown line today, I had to ride the Red Line in from Chicago. The train was barely moving between Grand and Lake. The preceding train was at least 2 minutes ahead.

    Also, the operator had apparently disabled the smooth stop function on the 5000 series trainset, as the stops were quite herky-jerky.

  • In reply to SpinyNorman:

    Some people have stated, and the CTA Alert confirms that some Brown Line trains are being routed via the old subway route to 35-Bronzeville. So, it is probably due to increased congestion, as the Oct. slow zone map doesn't indicate any slow zone there.

  • In reply to SpinyNorman:

    Of course, due to a bus fire shutting down LSD, the recommendation to use 146, 147, and 151 wasn't worth anything, either.

  • It would have been cool if they showed it come out of the shop instead of just the 1st stop.

    Also, it's interesting how much they make the train slow down coming into O'Hare now.

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