Surviving Tuesday's hellish North Side CTA commute

If you were commuting via the CTA Tuesday morning from the North Side, chances are you were a bit late to wherever you were going.

First, an early morning fire at the former Mulligan school, just south of the Armitage station, interrupted service into the Loop on the Brown and Purple lines. Fire crews shut the power on those rails. The Red Line managed to get through, but very slowly.

Then a bus caught fire on Lake Shore Drive, totally blocking all four lanes for a while.

The CTA gave a full report about its efforts to clear the Brown Line tracks of ice on its Facebook page. But I haven’t yet seen an explanation for the bus fire.

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    Did they say how the fire started? Was anyone injured?

  • In reply to Kenneth Byrd:

    News reports are that the bus driver did a good job evacuating the passengers.

    But as to what caused it, with that degree of burning,it will take a fire investigation. Video of the tire on the ground and it not being on the wheel in the pictures on DNAInfo of the bus being towed may provide evidence.

  • It was mighty nice of them to provide shuttles from Fullerton to Clark/Lake. However, those of us catching the train at the stops in between were SOL. I wound up hopping back on the eastbound #66 to the Red Line. In hindsight, going west to Milwaukee to catch the Blue Line would have been a better option, as the Red Line was jammed.

    I know many of you don't like the 5000's, but I tell you, thank goodness they were operating. All seats were full, and the aisles were packed. 'Definitely more capacity than the older series.

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