70% of select Lakeview voters turn thumbs down on Belmont flyover

The voters have spoken, and they don’t think the CTA has justified the Belmont flyover project.

At least, that’s the opinion of 583 out of 807 voters who weighed in on a referendum question on the ballot in three Lakeview precincts on Tuesday, according to a DNAinfo Chicago report.

The referendum, while non-binding, signaled the animosity toward the Belmont flyover that CTA riders have who live in the the area where it would be built.

The flyover would entail taking the outer Track 4 (on the east side of the Belmont platform) and putting it on a track elevated high over the current structure to eliminate delays caused by the northbound Brown Line crossing over three other tracks around the Clark Junction.

For its part, the CTA is not too concerned about the feelings off some 583 voters:

“This referendum simply is not a meaningful representation of the thousands of riders we serve on the Red, Purple and Brown Lines every day,” the CTA stated.

“We believe if you were to ask the millions of [CTA] customers today and in the future if they would prefer faster, more reliable service that includes not being crammed into rail cars like sardines, their answer would be a resounding yes.”

Here’s a diagram of what the flyover would look like.

Northbound Brown line will travel on track over the other three tracks near the Clark Junction.

Northbound Brown line will travel on track over the other three tracks near the Clark Junction.

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  • So they found the only 583 people in the city against this.
    Of course, there's possibility the money will never materialize.
    But if they get the money, it will be built & that would mean extra Red Line trains during the rush hour.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    That is if they ever get an environmental impact statement approved before even thinking about whether there is an appropriation. Think Red Line south of 95th (7 years and still not to that stage), not to mention Yellow Line to Niles North, etc. The feds will see the transcript. Also remember that CTA initially misrepresented the delays this would avoid.

    As I noted yesterday, there was a reason Rahm backed off on the Ashland BRT as the consultants proposed, after spending about $5 million in planning money.

  • Those opposed to this (and other wasteful "pet" projects) should contact G-E Rauner's, and Jesus Garcia's office right away; and also those #11 and #31 bus folks -- since there may now be a possible alternative to our present "City Hall", and it's solely "Enriching Campaign Contributors" Machiavellian Machinations.

    Also -- Remember the free BGA Lucas Museum Meeting is this Wednesday downtown at 4:30 in the afternoon (register soon): http://www.bettergov.org/whats_the_force_behind_the_lucas_museum/

    Part of the discussion will of course focus on improving Public Transit to the area, and the ongoing Museum Campus Transportation Study;
    I do plan to attend: http://www.civicartworks.com/project...opular&phase=1

  • The problem is not so much, as Kass put it, his '...Every time I see Rahm's face on TV, I get the feeling he just told me to go (bleep) myself.' but that Emanuel actually acts in an undemocratic way, especially with regard to his illegal stewardship of the CTA. Somebody is telling Brian Steele to go out there and tell people to forget it with respect to the 11 bus, and undoubtedly using spurious statistics to back it up.

  • Brian Steele has to say what he's told to say -- just like where I work we DON'T give cash back (and don't even think of tripping on me about it).

    It's the mean-spirited despotic pettiness of it all (like the 31bus), another new CTA Administration appointed by a different new Mayor might find a way to accomodate the Public's wishes (and Brian will then say whatever that new CTA Administration tells him to say -- if he's still around)

  • That's the essence of it.

    Maybe Rauner will get rid of the Quinn appointments to the CT Board, and since he is a businessman, may appoint, as required by section 19 of the MTA Act, "persons of recognized business ability," instead of some "transit activists" who didn't even know what they were voting for. Still doesn't take the board out of the mayor's hands, and it appears that Rauner has bigger fish to fry.

    But I never remembered King Richard II to be as contemptuous of the people as Rahm is. Carole Brown at least gave the appearance of doing her job as CT Board Chairman.

  • I don't think Rahm understands the difference between "appointed", and "elected".

    When you are appointed, someone hires you to do a job -- if you behave like a rabid pit-bull, you may be able to get the results your employer wanted (albeit with a lot of splashed and splattered blood)

    When you are elected, the people who elected you want you to help them IN THE WAY THAT THEY WANT YOU TOO!

    N O T the "Emanuel" way of slashing your car tires if he thinks you should reduce the amount that you drive every day.........

    We DIDN'T elect you for that -- Capiche?

  • Appointed could also get you fired eventually (ask Trestman).

    The problem with "elected" is that it might have been a somewhat competitive election by Chicago standards last time, but it appears that Rahm's attitude quickly became "If you don't like it vote me out." One could have argued whether Lewis was a credible threat, but with her out, I don't think that the Chewy guy is. Fioretti would be worse, as he has no concept of constitutional restraints on government, as typified by being slapped down by the courts in the Congress Hotel and Felony Franks cases.

    Then it was reported that some extremely deluded Chicago Now blogger put $100,000 his own money into the mayor's race, thereby freeing Rahm from campaign finance limits, not that Rahm need that.

    Unless Ald. Pawar gets some clout, Rahm isn't going to care about a few seniors' votes near Lincoln. I noted here before that he doesn't worry about screwing people on the north side.

  • Than I guess we just bend ourselves over the table for him -- and hope he's wearing protection.

  • I guess you took what I said a bit too literally. But I'm sure Dr. Zeke Emanuel will take care of that problem.

  • In reply to jack:

    I've learned to take everything in the World quite "literally" jack.......

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