CTA should allow anonymous reports of groping, other harassment

In reading a Salon.com story about “The creepiest man in New York: A gross portrait of a subway molester,” I learned that New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has a page on its website for victims of improper sexual conduct to anonymously report such incidents.

In light of the recent stories and arrest of a Chicago man charged with groping women on the L, I thought that would be a great idea for the CTA to create such a page.

The CTA has run a campaign against harassment, which is good. And there now are cameras on just about every rail car and bus.

It might help to allow women to make anonymous reports of harassment as they can on New York’s MTA.

CTA harassment
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    To be quite honest, until the CTA changes their customer relations, I don't think such an automated contact form would work well.

    I've reported buses in the past for not having working marquees (I am deaf and require being able to use the marquees to know which stop to get off in unfamiliar places) and all I ever got was an automated response and no true resolution.

    I'm all for this, but if the CTA treats it like they do their current customer service....eh.

  • In reply to Jon Son:

    I'd like to know if the drivers have any control over the interior displays.
    I was on a 22 Sunday & the inside display stopped working when we had a shift change at Foster with a new driver.
    He did log in because I saw his display which had the run number, which meant he logged in & which also read that we were
    "Scld Late: 8" when I go off.
    I wish they would make that "Late" part of the display much bigger. I haven't been on an ontime bus in months. Many are already late when they leave the terminal as too many drivers just don't care about the schedule.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Would like to know more about that. I was on a 22 yesterday that wasn't displaying the street names in red, but I could see a little video screen right above the driver though of course I could not see what was on it from where I sat. Was very lucky I heard the voice announcing my stop as we were pulling up and had time to get to the door and out, as it was dark out. How does that system work?

  • The essential issue is that if it is sexual assault, it is a police matter. The link refers to Chicago Police having put out an alert for the groper.

    The only relevance of the above comments is that an anonymous poster is not even going to get the satisfaction of a return e-mail from "Customer Service" saying that your message is very important to us and we'll turn it over to a supervisor.

    Also, the State's Attorney is not going to be able to prosecute for anything other than disorderly conduct if there isn't an identifiable victim.

    So, like advisory referenda, this is a totally useless feel good proposal.

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