CTA news pickup: Ventra smartphone tickets; Damen station closes for 9 weeks

Here are top CTA news items from the past week.

Ventra mobile tickets coming next year. The CTA is investing $1.7 million to develop a smartphone app that also could be used on Metra and Pace. But this pay choice would not fulfill the state requirement of a universal fare system for the three Chicago-area transit agencies.

California Blue station opens, Dame closes. After a six-week extensive rehab, the California Blue Line station reopened last Thursday. And on Monday, the Damen station will close for nine weeks.

Newly rehabbed California station house.

Newly rehabbed California station house.

DNA links Oak Lawn man to 2012 sex abuse on CTA. Michael Robinson was charged last week with aggravated criminal sexual abuse after his DNA was linked to an incident on a Blue Line train. His semen was recovered from the woman’s coat and backpack.

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  • Like Metra saying it will be fulfilling the mandate by allowing passengers to buy paper tickets by using the rip off Ventra debit card, if this is a way of meeting the mandate, it doesn't look like anyone is meeting the spirit of the law (I don't think anyone is going to require that a Metra rider have a smart phone).

    BTW, Kevin Z. explained on chicagobus.org how one can put a transit account on a smartphone, and the distinction between doing that at a TVM and one not being able to register the account, but you'll note that I said it was bass akward, hence the need for an app. What Metra presented would have to be much further modified to provide a real app to do that.

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