Etiquette rules for standees on CTA's aisle-facing rail cars

Yesterday we discussed the “Key etiquette rules for picking your spot in CTA cars with aisle-facing seats.” Today, we talk about all you folks who have to stand.

Copy of Series 5000 rail car seatsAnd some of these rules show how sitting passengers can be polite to standees.

We have to review these rules as the CTA puts more of the new 5000 Series rail cars into service. They are now in fairly extensive use on the Red, Purple, Pink and Green lines. With the long rows of aisle-facing seats and wider aisles, CTA rail riders need to relearn some basic etiquette. So, here goes.

  1. Mind your feet, standees. Those folks sitting in front of you may have their feet extended a bit into the aisle, so be mindful.
  2. Mind your feet, sitters. The corollary is that sitters should try to keep their feet under their seat,
  3. Move into the middle of the car. This advice stands for ANY kind of rail car. But particularly the 5000 cars, because the huge empty area around the doors can get crowded quickly.
  4. Don’t crowd the area around the door. Again, I’ve noticed a greater tendency for riders to stand near the doors. At least three times I had to admonish people to move away from the door so I could exit the train.
  5. No staring, sitters. That is, no staring at the butts and crotches so close to you at eye level. In this case, it’s best to keep staring at your smartphone.

Follow these rules and your fellow riders will thank you.

But what did I forget? Let me know in comments.

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  • What's with #5? I'm sure the female sitees are checking out the packages and the male sitees are looking for sheer leggins.

  • In reply to jack:

    Um, sorry-but I don't wanna stare at your "package". Sometimes folks just stand too damn close. And don't get me started on The Backpackers--just tell them to take 'em off or go stand somewhere else. I also don't appreciate getting slammed in the face with one. If its not that then its some woman's too-big purse, or a tote bag/shopping bag.

  • One very important thing you've forgotten: knapsack and large purse etiquette! Hold these items down at your side, near your legs. I can't count how many times I've almost been hit in the face by someone who isn't aware of how much their knapsack or large purse sticks out from their body. On occasion I have held up my hand for long periods of time, to prevent a bag from hitting me in the face. And if I'm not inclined to say something polite verbally, or if the person seems especially aggressive, I've also pushed on people's bags-- for many seconds-- until the person gets the message. Keeping these bags on one's shoulder or back also takes up lots of space-- almost enough space for an entire other person, on a crowded train.

  • "it's best to keep staring at your smartphone." Great. More smartphone thefts.

  • Indeed.

  • Only 30 more years of these stupid seats. Had the worst ride of my life sitting squeezed in and contorted because our shoulders are wider than 17 inches. Then there was the backpack in my face...
    Did the CTA testers ever sit in these seats on the Red Line during rush hour?

  • In reply to Edgewater Roadie:

    Emanuel claims to ride the Brown Line, and from the pictures, he doesn't sit.

  • In reply to jack:

    Even if he did sit, all the Brown Line cars are 3200s, with a few 2600s I think.
    They all have decent, civilized seating.

  • In reply to Edgewater Roadie:

    As an alternative to being put in stocks in Daley Plaza, we could make a bunch of CTA people connected with the decision sit packed in to a row of seats for an hour or so. With bags in their faces and some typical in-transit noises and smells, but no earbuds and no smartphones. Lack of window view will be simulated. They could try to read newspapers, but that will likely contribute to the contortion. Finally, when it's over, they each have to write a report about their experience, and it will be put online for public comment.

  • "and it will be put online for public comment" and then ignored. You forgot that Emanuel is in charge of the CTA and doesn't care.

    I bet even getting Bobby Rush to say that it is racist isn't going to have an effect.

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