Crime on the CTA: Evanston robbery; groping on Red Line

Here’s the first of an occasional post about recent crimes on the late Augusting to the Sun-Times

wet seats on Blue LineRobbery at Evanston bus stop: “Someone took a victim’s wallet from his hand, removed the money, and threw the wallet on the ground at a bus stop at the Davis Street CTA station in the 1600 block of Benson Avenue at 7:25 a.m. Sept. 2. Suspects include a 5-foot-7-inch-tall black male and a black female.”

Groping on the Red Line: Chicago police on Sept. 3 issued a community alert with the photo of a man suspected of groping a woman on a crowded CTA Red Line train early in the morning.

Shooting causes CTA bus accident: A shooting in late August on the South Side injured a woman and caused a minor CTA bus crash Sunday afternoon. A 20-year-old woman was a passenger inside of a vehicle in the 800 block of West 95th when someone walked up and fired shots, police said. The woman was shot in the hand. The driver left the vehicle, and the 20-year-old took control of the wheel, police said. As she tried to drive off, she struck a CTA bus, according to the Sun-Times.

Hero warns of wet seats on Blue Line: A guy who put notes warning of wet seats on the Blue Line was dubbed a hero by CBS Chicago. The criminal act was in urinating on the seat. But nice job of warning passengers.


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  • On the CBS story, when CTA (and other transit agencies) had solely fiberglass seats on buses acquired in the late 60s, the water (or other fluid) just pooled in them. More then likely then, it was rain rather than as described.

    Also, more than likely, the bus stop outside the Davis CTA station was a Pace bus stop, as 201 and 205 don't run on Benson (93 does, though).

  • In reply to jack:

    But they did drill holes in the seats after a while.

  • Back on the subject of stupid criminals (or in this case, a stupid lawyer) ABC7 reported that in response to the defense attorney claiming that the police just fingered a black man in Indian Head Park, there was a cab driver witness who took the suspect to the Midway Orange Line station, at which point he was i.d.ed on numerous CTA cameras and also that his cell phone trail matched that of the stolen victim's phone.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was video of the Davis station incident.

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