Kidney donor is twice the hero for helping woman attacked near CTA station

Craig Mathis, CTA hero. (NBC5 News photo)

Craig Mathis, CTA hero. (NBC5 News photo)

A man already a hero for donating his kidney to a friend is now twice the hero after helping a woman near the Forest Park CTA Blue Line station.

In fact, Craig Mathis was heading home Tuesday from celebrating donating his kidney almost a year ago when he heard the screams of the woman. He told NBC5 News:

“[My friend] called 911, I used my CTA pass and jumped through the turnstile, ran down and made sure the woman was OK,” Mathis said.

Mathis said right before he was going to tackle the man, Forest Park Police officers arrived and arrested him.

“She was relieved that the situation was over and thankful that she was OK,” Mathis said.

“It felt good to prevent something serious from happening.”

This is a truly awesome story. Thank you Craig for caring and helping out a fellow CTA passenger.


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  • The guy attacking the woman should have been thrown on the third rail.
    End of problem!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Couldn't agree more. That guy is just going to do it again when he gets out tomorrow.

  • Kevin, seriously, you're going to let your trolls advocate murder?

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Cheryl, I've learned long ago not to feed the trolls. It doesn't help. Let them hang themselves with their own hateful words.

  • Maybe the more interesting issue is in the second paragraph that the Forest Park police beat him to the scene, which at least made the comments moot, as well as possibly his intervention.

  • In reply to jack:

    Right Jack, so he's not a hero now because he arrived just as the police did? uh huh.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    I wasn't saying that.

    However, it could have turned out like the hero (based on NRA standards) at the Las Vegas Walmart who pulled out his concealed weapon on the male suspect and got killed by the female one. Thus, it is better not to be a foolish hero, but let the police handle it.

  • fb_avatar

    Some friends were joking about this incident recently and I decided to look back at some articles. I've noticed that no one cared to comment on the fact that a woman was lucky enough not to meet an extremely unlucky inevitable that was surely coming her way. We're all too consumed by negativity that we forget to appreciate the positives. All of you do yourselves a favor. Take some time to reflect on 2 positive situations of any sort, and let someone else know about them. Bad news travels way faster than good, and that is society's fault. Only we can fix that.

    Kev, thanks for covering the story. Hope all is well

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