CTA Tattler celebrates 10 years of blogging on all things CTA

Today is the 10th anniversary of CTA Tattler.

And some thought I’d never last this long. Like me.

On June 10, 2004, I published my first post. Since then I’ve had some ups and downs – just like the CTA.

But I kept plugging along, primarily because of your support. And let me just say that I truly appreciate your support.

I also appreciate the support of the folks at ChicagoNow. They invited me to join their nascent network of blogs back in 2009 when it was born.

Since then I’ve been able to truly grow my audience and continue to blog about all things seen and heard on the CTA.

I can’t promise that I will be blogging here in another 10 years, but I do promise that I will continue my work here – with your support – as long as I can.

Thanks to all!

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    Congratulations on 10 years -- and so much news these days on the CTA

  • What would be the damages worth, if I pushed you off the bus

  • In reply to salami:

    Ummm, excuse me Salami?

  • In reply to salami:

    Sigh. More evidence why parents with pre-teens should lock their computers when not in use.

  • In reply to salami:

    What is your problem rust-stain?

    You mad because Mommy says "Clean-up the basement, she's sick of your mess"! Poor Baby.......

  • In reply to salami:

    Salami, or should I say bologna. I don't really care that much for Mr. O'Neil, but that is way past the extreme, and I wish Kevin and his family nothing but good will, long life and health.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    Why thank you iBill!

  • Congrats Kevin! I know these blogs don't write themselves, and that managing a relationship with a reader community isn't as easy as it may seem. (By the way, it was interesting to read the several months' worth of comments to your inaugural post.)

  • Congrats on 10 fine years! Thanks for taking the time to provide us rats a place to vent when we're not in the maze. We live in a supposed world-class city, but we basically have a third-world transit system. Through decades of mismanagement, it's falling apart. 'Nothing quite like crawling through the slow zones at 10 mph on the western section of the blue line to drive that point home. We don't have the funds to maintain what we have, never mind expand service. I'm hoping like heck we don't turn into another Detroit.

    I'm sure the next 10 years will have plenty of interesting stories.

  • Congratulations, Kevin. And thank you for your continued tattling.

    In case you are interested, I was riding in a nearly empty Red line car this afternoon, with me on one side and two women sitting separately on the other side. The door at the end of the car opens while the train is moving, and a guy walks in. I notice when people walk between cars and usually suspect that, absent an obvious riot, people who cannot stay in the car they boarded are a potential concern. Anyway, my car is empty except for me (guy) and two women. Lots of empty seats to choose from. The guy sits down immediately next to one of the women. If I did not see her eyebrows raise, I sensed it telepathically. She stayed in her seat next to the guy for two or three stops. But then, her stoicism at an apparent limit, she carefully, subtly, got up, crossed the aisle, and sat in a seat facing where she had been a moment earlier. The guy obviously was flustered by her move and wondering how to respond to the apparent affront. He gets up while the train is moving and walks to the next car.

  • In reply to emglatstein:

    Thank you to Eric and everyone else for your good wishes. (Well, maybe I'll exclude Salami.)

    Eric, I've always thought the same thing - nothing good can come from anyone crossing between cars. Glad this woman was able to extricate herself from the situation carefully.

  • Despite the fact that I lost a of respect for you when your true colors came out about your lack of respect towards the rank and file of cta. I still enjoy reading your blog.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    Thanks iBill. Once again I wish to reaffirm my respect and thanks for all the hard work that the CTA "rank and file" does every day of the year. We disagreed on one particular issue about a year ago. That's it. Let's move on, shall we, in support of all CTA workers.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    You respect the transit workers? So in other words you have changed your mind, and find it deplorable
    and repulsive that cta management excepts the operators/motormen to clean their entire 8 car train? And the fact that cta has fired more people in the past 4 months, than in the previous 40 years?

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    iBill: As you know, motormen are no longer cleaning train cars, so that is a moot issue. Also, the number of workers fired really has nothing to do with whether I respect transit workers.

  • Congrats, Kevin! What a lovely tribute to your community and audience, we all love your posts - hope to still be reading yours in ten years! :)

  • Can I get you to say that you are appalled about cta has fired more people in the past 4 months, than in the previous 40 years?

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    Well, why were they fired? If they are now enforcing legimate absentee rules, then I'm for it. If it's for petty offenses, I'm against it.

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