Snarky - and irate - CTA riders hijack #AskVentra Twitter chat

Be careful what you ask for.

Perhaps the folks behind Ventra’s Twitter feed should have taken those six simple words into account when they announced an #AskVentra hour on Twitter, where they would answer all Ventra questions posed them.

Except, many of the questions were not Ventra-related.






But then, there really were some serious questions.


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  • I looked through the bulk of those questions last night. Most were silly and funny. Some were honest, true questions. One thing I did not see was any answers from Ventra. It just looked like corporate lip service to me - I figure this is a stupid stunt designed to deflect attention from some awful announcement they will make soon.

  • In reply to johnpseudonym:

    I did see a couple of answers. But I figure they just gave it up after the chat was hijacked.

  • In reply to johnpseudonym:

    "...a stupid stunt designed to deflect attention..."

    That is so often the case. Always a good idea to ask yourself "what does someone want me not to notice or think about?"

    BTW didn't someone have a fake Ventra twitter feed going for a while, at the time of the botched introduction?

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    On the last one, I think you are right.

    On the stupid stunt part, I was debating whether the on point or philosophical questions were better. I voted for the philosophical.

    And as john points out, it was real easy (at least for to find the question feed, but there doesn't seem to be a similar hashtag for the answer feed, nor that CTA posted a transcript on an official site. So, as usual Tammy "RT Today" Chase lied to Tracy Swartz that this accomplished something, as reported in an update on the Tribune site.

    I don't buy the "hijacked." I suppose that if CTA were really serious about this, they would have had an e-mail portal. At least when he answered emails and tweets, emails and tweets, emails and tweets, craigyferg did on the air, not on GeofftheRobot's feed.

    Maybe I should have tweeted "Is Brian Steele a liar or a tool? #AskVentra."

    Also, "How did Frosty the Claypool get his arm in a sling? And why did the RahmFather let him speak at Kimball? #AskVentra."

    Too bad that I have a sense of scope (and not a Twitter account) and didn't.

  • Again, the comics are relevant.

  • So, did any "legitimate" questions get answered, or was this a really bad publicity opportunity by CTA to make TPTB puff up their chests so they can look good?

  • In reply to mulder42:

    Darn, most of the tweets clicking on the hashtag are promoting stories about the hashtag. Such as one from @ctatatter. But a few substantive questions of the type that won't be answered are still being posted, such as those of Chuck Mertz.

    In the meantime I want the answers to the vector physics questions, such as those involving a Green Line train at 55 mph approaching one at 45 mph.

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