CTA takes delivery of more than half of 5000 Series rail cars; added to Purple, Yellow lines

The CTA rollout of its new 5000 Series rail cars is now past the halfway point. The cars with the aisle-facing seats recently started running on the Purple and Yellow lines.

Copy of Series 5000 rail car seatsThe CTA now has taken delivery of 428 of its total order of 714. They are running on the Pink, Green, Red, Purple and Yellow lines. The CTA expects to take delivery of all 714 by the end of 2015.

The Brown and Orange lines will keep the Series 3200 trains, which will undergo an overhaul. And the Blue Line will keep its 2600 rail cars.

Meanwhile, the CTA is already planning for its next phase of new rail cars.

Bombardier Transit Corp. has bid $1.39 billion to build 846 “Series 7000” rail cars, set for delivery in 2018. Bombardier is the company that is making the 5000 Series cars under a $1.14 billion contract.

The aisle-facing seating arrangement on the 5000 Series cars has been widely criticized for being too narrow for us big-butted and big-shouldered Chicagoans to fit into comfortably. The 7000 Series cars would be a mix of center-facing and pairs of forward- and backward-facing seats.

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  • It's probably a good idea to leave the 2600 series cars on the blue line. I would hate for a bunch of those new expensive ones to be cut up by the feds.

  • In reply to johnpseudonym:

    The feds haven't determined officially yet why the safety equipment failed in the two Blue Line crashes. If, for instance, the ghost train from Forest Park, which was on some sort of maintenance hold, were stored at Howard, that crash would have happened at Loyola instead of Harlem-Eisenhower.

    However, I agree that CTA is unintentionally doing a better job of scrapping cars in the 3000 and up range than the 2400s.

  • Not only do these cars have the rotten seating, but now they come with that wretched, vomit inducing, baby blue interior.
    I'm now positive, that CTA management hates, just hates the passengers.
    Plus, once again they prove this by leaving the ones with decent seats, but narrower aisles on the airport runs, which is where you would think they would want the 5000s, so people with luggage going to & from the airports could move through the cars easier.
    Especially, since the clueless, scummy, morons at 567 Lake St. said one of the advantages of the 5000s seats was the ability to put luggage under the seats & out of the way!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    I love how the CTA will never admit that they screwed up and made a mistake by going with the longitudinal seating and didn't listened to passenger feedback when they were "testing" them to get public opinion. But they made it clear that they sure won't do that again with the seating guidelines for the 7000s.

  • In reply to Edgewater Roadie:

    I like the longitudinal seating. There's more room to stand.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    But with normal seating, there's less need to stand.
    But then I should point out, there isn't more room, it's an illusion. Sitting people's legs & feet are now into the aisles.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Maybe during non-peak hours there's less need to stand There's only about a 5% chance I can get a seat on a train home from work regardless of seating. I prefer the ability to actually get on a train going home, even if I'm standing, than to increase my chances to sit by a few percent. In my experience, there's a lot more standing room with the longitudinal seating, even with legs and feet in the aisles.

  • In reply to Edgewater Roadie:

    I hate the center aisle seating since I'm tall and get my legs stepped on. That said, I'm glad that they listened for the second batch. My understanding is that the party insistent on the longitudinal seating was no longer with the CTA by the time the order for the 7000s was placed.

    That said, I've studied the 5000s while riding and it's clear that the locations of the floor ducts and vents and perhaps the structure make it unfeasible to rearrange the seating to provide more front/back positioning.

  • Billion dollar junk.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    Which basically gets down to why trust CTA management to make any wise use of capital money. And that wasn't even mentioned in today's Tribune Editorial. However, The Autocrat is fine with things the way they are, so long as he can attend unveilings.

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