Sleeping beauties: Why you couldn't get a seat on the Red Line Tuesday

Seen at 8:50 a.m. on the southbound Red Line. Perhaps it’s why you couldn’t get a seat on the Red Line Tuesday morning.

Sleeping beauties on the Red Line.

Sleeping beauties on the Red Line.

Photographer Brendan reports that he did inform the motorman, since these sleeping beauties were in the first car.

Have you ever awakened a sleeping passenger taking more than one seat so that you could sit down? I’ve done it twice in the last month.
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  • The predicted result of the longitudinal seats has occurred. At least not the news report that the people he photographed then used the car as a toilet. In fact, based on that report, I'm surprised that CTA riders are not like Metra Electric ones and demand toilets, except that the ME riders pay fares when the conductor collects them.

  • My wife has to ride the Red Line northbound every day. The number of sleepers is greater given less demand for seats.

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    Every Sunday morning on the way to church. They usually take four seats by taking over the pairs of seats that are perpendicular. I counted five people sleeping last Sunday.

  • I will wake up and politely ask folks like to move and allow me to sit down if there are no other seats available.

  • Maybe we should call the Red Line the REM Line.

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