Terrible Chicago weather? Blame Ventra, of course!

This image was shared by @workforcheap on his Instagram account. Found at Division and Damen. Nuff said. (Hat tip to Evan.)

From Instagram by @workforcheap

From Instagram by @workforcheap


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  • First time I have seen a snowman in the shape of an organ Geoff Peterson doesn't have. And as Craig would say, a tie pointing to his.

    And if you want an example of incompetent mayoral leadership bringing down the CTA and the rest of the city, look at today's Tribune retrospective of the 1979 storm. I guess that in the last 61 years, that's what it takes to vote a mayor out of office. The 11 bus and Ventra don't seem enough yet, and Rahm and Frosty are counting on that.

  • In reply to jack:

    On my last paragraph, I forgot the three way that got Jane Byrne out.

  • Should have said where was the bleeping bus. Buses were terrible during the storm. The #90 had only three buses in service with two bunched up (about an hour interval) The #152 had it's problems too. (about 40 minute intervals.) I was wondering what happened to the buses. Well I spotted two pulling in with a defect. (saw this on both routes) (all old Novas) Thank god for Bustracker, this was my saving grace. But it sure is funny seeing no buses coming. (The tracker won't give you approximate times above an 1/2 hour)

  • In reply to Bushunter:

    When you call, you get a person to grill and that's how you can get an exact time when the bus will arrive.

  • In reply to ApresSki:

    You don't need to do that, unless you don't have bustracker access. When you see your bus at Harlem Blue line and two at Diversey SB, the next bus is at least 45 minutes to an hour away with heavy snow possibly 75-80 minutes. Why are the floors of the buses so cold? Last night there was a Nova on the #77 with ice on it. It was slippery. This was on the floor on the seat behind the operator. Of course the lift was a slushy mess. They don't design the heaters to blow at the floor? Heat does rise.

  • In reply to Bushunter:

    I just looked at Bustracker for the 22 Clark.
    It's all 40' New Flyers. Normally on Sundays, it's all artics.
    At least they've learned the artics are no good in the snow.

  • fb_avatar

    Wait until next week (the week of the 6th) when the temperatures are in the minuses. That's when the buses will break down and there will be crowded bus shelters.

  • I use Bustracker & I call to make sure when the bus will get there.
    Those bus shelters need to be heated! They are useless and made in France where the weather is completely French and different!

  • In reply to ApresSki:

    I'm not so sure that the radiant heaters under the L canopies are going to do much good.

    I once froze my feet riding 6000 series cars from the north side to the south with the doors opening every three blocks. Again, I doubt that the new ones are going to be able to keep the heat in the cars any better.

    But since you are ApresSki, are you going to have a source of good hot chocolate available afterwards???

  • In reply to ApresSki:

    While it's a French company that owns & maintains the bus shelters, they were designed by a world renowned American architect, Robert A.M. Stern.
    I don't know where they were built, but Stern should lose his license to practice for such a wretched design.
    There is an old CTA installed shelter at Ridge & Clark, for the NB 22 bus. Much better as a shelter even if the plexiglass panels are fogged up.

  • Speaking of Ventra, I noticed yesterday that they now have some new decals on the turnstile units. Yellow, larger than the green spots they cover up, and featuring a hand and the broadcast-wave icon.

    Fine, but I must ask why they didn't come up with this six months ago and make it part of the rollout! Managing is about thinking things out in advance, not being lazy and reacting after the fact. Or at least it used to be.

  • fb_avatar

    I was on the 50 Damen yesterday and noticed that the driver was still waving some passengers through after failed Ventra swipes, plus customers having to multiple swipe, plus even one customer who said "it normally doesn't beep when I swipe". could this be someone trying to get free rides from a broken or non-activated card?

    not good for revenue collection.

  • Craig Dellimore announced today on At Issue that he's never had his Ventra card work on a bus.

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