How the CTA Holiday Train got its start

WGN-TV presents this Chicago’s Merry Own Holidays short history of how the CTA Holiday Train came to be.

Does anyone know of any other city that has something like this? I think it’s quite unique and we’re lucky to have it.


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  • OT: Did anyone see Channel 2's breathless report on stolen L keys.
    It was an "Exclusive"!
    So exclusive, that Pam Zekman of Channel 2 did the same report a few years ago.
    I'm betting that there is contract negotiation in the works & the union is ramping up the pressure.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Since there was a contract in 2012 (remember the late budget because of that and similar silliness, such as it was supposedly the only negotiated contract, although it did avoid being scheduled for arbitration), it should be in effect until 2016.

    However, Kelly is obviously maneuvering for position, with the stuff like him saying that his members were taking Ventra insults and the latest mini controversy about the ex con car cleaner interns.

    Also, it is unclear here whether Kelly is again trying to get cover for the ghost train crash, including leverage for the grievances.

    Somehow, the media has also downgraded him from Local President to Union Spokesperson.

    But, it was exclusive, unless Lisa Parker and Chuck Gowdy were also running the story.

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    In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    New York's been running the Nostaglia Train since the 70's....Holiday Train since (i think) the 80's. It is pretty cool - I wish Chicago had it around when I lived there!

  • How touching.

  • Anyone going to buy anything from the CTA auction?,0,7129125.story

  • In reply to chris:

    Mentioned yesterday (see right pane).

    Someone noted that no one bid on the 2 cars, and it isn't clear to me why CTA put them at auction instead of just having them hauled away under a scrapping contract. But, if you have the $4 grand....

    Other than the signs, the items don't seem to be for amateurs. I'm not sure why CTA has so much surplus new rail around, and can't use it. Then there was Scooter's observation about the bus stop signs. In fact, since the 148 one goes up to Foster, it is even newer than the 14/15 one.

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