Get free tickets for Chicago Tonight special show on Ventra

Interested in being part of the Chicago Tonight audience for a Thursday night special show on Ventra? All you have to do to reserve a free seat is send an email to the WTTW producers. The subject line should read: VENTRA TICKETS

In the email, list your name and phone number as well as the names of everyone coming with you. You should arrive at the WTTW Studio at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 5. Tickets are limited, so act now.

WTTW is located at 5400 N. St. Louis Avenue in Chicago. Please go to the WEST entrance toward the back of the building to check in.


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  • Maybe someone should ask them why they said that the CTA control center's location at 120 N. Racine had to be kept "highly secret." It apparently won't be a long show, since we're in pledge month again.

  • Will the tickets work the same way as Ventra?
    Will I have to scan it repeatedly to get in?
    Will some people ask for one ticket & get 234 of them?

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    No, but you'll have to buy 12 Geoff Baer DVDs, and assuredly have to listen to Carol Marin or Elizabeth Brackett repeatedly ask "but what about the riders?"

  • Wow, you guys are tough crowd!

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    What do you expect when they ran only 8 episodes of the This Old House Hour, and apparently that's it for the season?

    Apparently the same on WYCC, but they did start a new season of Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac.

    But, I'll check out WTTW in January. Someone here might also like the DVDs with the Green Hornet streetcars.

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    Did you actually think we'd be nice?
    My friend with the Ride Free card got his on Sat.
    Each time he tapped it on a bus over the weekend, the reader read "Check Account".
    What account?
    It then worked on the second try.
    He said, today was the first time it worked the first time.
    All were buses [22] out of North Park.
    Has NP gotten the software upgrade?
    That's why I said, the Ride Free cards should have been the first issued. CTA would have spotted the flaws early, without costing the riders or themselves any money!

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    We've been spoiled by private sector companies that must compete by delivering customer satisfaction instead of excuses. There is no need for them to complain that we're not being nice enough, or to go on and on about how much less worse things are now, and encourage us to view their colossal management foul-ups as natural, inevitable phenomena like the weather.

    In any industry not insulated from reality, it's a good thing for customers to be tough. Just knowing that's the case helps them get everything right the first time.

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    At 18:00, Claypool says "The CTA has never used this information in any individual way", is only half-true. When I worked for Cubic during the initial mag stripe rollout (1998-2000), we did, on several occasions, track individual farecard transactions for law enforcement. What would happen is that there would be some dope nabbed by the cops for robbing someone at say, Jackson and if that person was stupid enough to use that person's card, we provided that info to the cops showing that it was used at that station at that time. I don't recall whether things like monthly passes ultimately had names assigned to them but the UPass and reduced fare cards definitely did. The fact is, the non-aggregated data is/was there and could be looked at by many, many people at CTA.

    What's also a bit baffling to me is why CTA/Cubic went with such an aggressive rollout timeline of just 3-4 months. The mag strip rollout was much longer (at least 9-12 months IIRC) and while it was not nearly as complex as Ventra, the short rollout no doubt has added to the pain Cubic is experiencing. Pretty sure the same folks I worked with are still there (or came back to the Cube for Ventra) so I cringe when every new report comes out. The sh** will truly hit the fan if Ventra ever gets hacked like the mag stripe did.

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    In reply to Tom Meyer:

    and we reported the data with no subpoena involved, ever.

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