The "other" CTA Ventra Twitter account: Laughter is best medicine for frustration?

If you haven’t read or followed the “other” (fake) CTA Ventra Chicago Twitter account yet, do yourself a laughing favor and check it out – maybe while you’re on hold with a Ventra rep?

The twisted humor here is spot on – and it even sounds like the real Ventra Twitter account. Here are some examples.


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  • Ventra has been the biggest boondoggler I've ever had to deal with. I would like to see heads roll.

  • On the 11:39 AM - 21 Oct 2013 one: On, someone from Minnesota posted, in response to someone from here posting a reference to the TC Metro GoTo Card, that it is a proprietary card used on Cubic equipment. So, maybe Chicagoans should move there (if they can tolerate the cold climate), as the State of Minnesota apparently was not told that there are no more chips.

    Also, 2:04 PM - 16 Oct 2013 didn't say how many rides were charged, but one on the feed at 12:07 PM - 28 Oct 13 did. Apparently CTA was correct when it said that "passback has been enhanced."

    Also, Cheryl, somebody said that a coyote is prowling Ravenswood, so maybe it will do the job. Remember where the honchos live.

  • In reply to jack:

    Simple question: Who were the consultants that recommended this Cubic system?
    I'm guessing William Blair & Co. The crooks that recommended selling the Limits Garage & of course that rotten parking meter contract!

  • My office is changing the way we pay for the transit benefit. It looks like we will be getting a debit card similar to the one we get for flexible health benefits. I won't know for sure until November 15 and it won't start until 1/1/14. I will have to make a special trip to an L station monthly to buy a 30 day pass off this card, but that's preferable to letting these idiots near my paycheck or a bank account.

  • Oh sure, I'm laughing. I've been on hold for 15 minutes so far to get refunded for the extra fare I was charged yesterday *four seconds* after I tapped my Ventra card. To get that $2.25 back, Ventra is taking much more than that from me right now. My time is valuable. Do you think Ventra is going to compensate me for that? Do they think that's going to make me sing the system's praises to others? Oh wait, that's right. I have no choice. Is that the real punch line?

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