New Red Line south ride: "Like floating on a cloud"

I haven’t had the opportunity yet to ride on the newly rehabbed Red Line south. But CTA Tattler reader Denise offers this glowing assessment:

Just wanted to share with you my “maiden voyage” on the new and improved Red Line. I overslept this morning and missed the last Metra train to work. So it was FINALLY my opportunity to take the Red Line.

Kevin … it was, in a word … FABULOUS! The 95th street station is all fresh, clean and orderly. And the train ride itself was like riding out of the Cadillac dealership with a new Escalade – like floating on a cloud. It was smooth, quiet and FAST.

The train pulled out of the 95th street station at approximately 9:47 a.m. It arrived at Van Buren and Jackson at 10:14 a.m. I got to my stop before I had a chance to slip into my “rider’s nod.”

Kudos to CTA Presdient Forrest Claypool, our infamous Mayor Emanuel and to YOU for always keeping me in the know.

Thanks for your review Denise. Who else has an opinion on the job the CTA has done?
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    I only rode south to Chinatown but on the first day there were still slow zones between that stop and Roosevelt, going both ways. Hopefully that was just for caution on the first few days and is over by now?

  • In reply to Seth:

    Seth - The rehab didn't really focus on that part. From the page linked to in post: "completely rebuild the 10.2-mile stretch from just north of Cermak-Chinatown to 95th Street. The 44-year-old line had exceeded its expected lifespan and was plagued by slow zones and delays."

  • In reply to Seth:

    As Kevin indicates, it is a question whether the 19 year old subway has fallen apart, not whether the 43 year old Dan Ryan segment has been fixed.

  • Does it provide faster service 'L' to Woodlawn, Hyde Park, and South Shore?

  • Yes, to South Shore, if one transfers to the decrowded articulated buses on 79. Also quicker for those who take the Red Line to the Garfield station to the 55 bus.

    Mike, did it provide faster L service to Logan Square, Congress and Austin, or from downtown to Morse? Or is someone better off going to Oak Park on the UP-W?

    I sense apples and grapefruits.

  • I rode Thursday from Garfield all the way north to Loyola.
    The ride was smooth & fast, it's just that the crappy seats on the 5000s make the ride a cramped & crowded hell!

    The new elevator at Garfield has made getting downstairs difficult if a train has just left out a lot of people, as you have to crowd into the same corridor at street level. They should have widened the corridor by adding a section over the NB tracks to decrowd it.
    Typical CTA. Fix one thing & break something else in the process!

  • I had an opportunity to ride the Dan Ryan branch the first day it reopened--October 20th. From Cermak-Chinatown all the way to 95th 55 mph--longest 55 mph stretch on the entire CTA system. The ride is very smooth even while on the 2600 series rail cars. The trains were running slow between Roosevelt and Chinatown initially but the slow zones are gone so trains are able to go 35 to 55 mph during most of that portion.

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