CTA Ventra mess makes good fodder for Tribune cartoonist

I don’t often see Chicago Tribune cartoonist Scott Stantis editorialize via cartoon about the CTA. But last week was  such a mess and so special that he did it twice!

This first one appeared on Tuesday, Oct. 8, after thousands of riders flooded the Ventra phone lines on Monday trying to activate their Ventra cards.

Stantis cartoon-Activate you Ventra card

And then just two day later we saw this, after the CTA relented and allowed Chicago Card refills and continued sales of magnetic stripe cards.

Stantis cartoon-Leave the driving to us

I would prefer the CTA stays out of the sights of Stantis, because that would mean everything was going well.

(All cartoons copyright Chicago Tribune by Scott Stantis.)


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  • He's not funny.

  • I take offense to the second cartoon, which implies that Claypool is competent enough to drive a bus. I'm sure that Local 241 feels the same way.

    "You see what I just did."....Craig Ferguson.

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