Win prizes during Car Free Week by riding CTA, biking, walking

We’re already into Day 2 of Car Free Week (Sept. 22 to 28), but there’s plenty of time to register and log your car-free trips to win some prizes appropriate to the theme week.

Commuters by public transit, bike or foot can register at and celebrate Car Free Week, presented by the Regional Transportation Authority and Active Transportation Alliance. Entering the RTA’s Car Free Week contest is easy.

  1. Visit and click the “Car Free Week” image (or register) button to register as a user. Once a profile is confirmed, the user is ready to start tracking trips.
  2. Click on the “My Trip Tracker” to start entering trips with the interactive calendar. Any kind of trip can be tracked – transit, bike, ride-sharing, walking, even telecommutes.
  3. When points are accumulated, check the “My Rewards” page to see which Car Free Week prizes can be won; the user will automatically be entered into the prize drawings based on the number of trips taken. Participants can measure mileage, greenhouse gases prevented, and calories burned.

Car Free Week contest prizes include:

  • A Civia Loring Bicycle from Roscoe Village Bikes
  • A Chicago “Staycation” package featuring museum passes, a hotel room, dining gift card, transit and Divvy BikeShare passes
  • Divvy annual memberships, as well as daily passes
  • Zipcar car sharing memberships and driving credit
  • Registrations to 2014 MB Financial Bank Bike the Drive and Four-Star Bike & Chow

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  • Does one have to have a Ventra card to enter the bike contest?

  • In reply to jack:

    I just entered the contest today & got 7 entries for today's round trip on CTA/Metra & walking.
    It is a genuine pain in the ass to enter the info as it's anything but user friendly!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Any worse than Emily's description of the steps (both computer and phone) to activate the Ventra card? Maybe the same people came up with both.

    And it doesn't count if you didn't take the South Shore and then walked around what's left of downtown Gary. ;-)

  • In reply to jack:

    Worse than that.
    It just wouldn't accept certain addresses or places, even though they came up as auto-completes. Tried to repeatedly enter "Garfield Green/Red Line & sometimes it inputted "USA", other times just "Chicago".
    You're supposed to be able to click on the map & it will enter where you clicked, but it either enters the wrong address or won't enter anything.
    It defaults to commuting instead of having you choose the type of trip, eg: commute, shop, personal.
    Genuinely incompetent!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    Maybe that's how they predetermine the winner, sort of like Goatface vs. Randy Orton for the WWE belt. If you are not an insider in one of these interest groups, you can't effectively enter.

  • I starting using Divvy for some of my trips from the train station back to home, and going to and from River North restaurants, and after a few dozen trips I have concluded that one has to be suicidal to ride a bike in this city. Between the pothole-ridden pavement, the crazy motorists, cab drivers, bus drivers, and oblivious pedestrians, I'm surprised more cyclists don't get killed. I try to stick to the side streets, but I think I'm more likely to get "doored" on them.

    I was on a #66 bus last week, standing near the front door, and the bus driver insisted on cruising inches behind the rear wheel of a cyclist for several blocks. It's a crazy game of chicken.

  • That's nice. There's not much there I'd want as a prize, but good for them.

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