CTA news pickup: Ventra loading issues; Quincy station renovation

Here are some CTA news and notes from the past week or so.

Ventra issues surface; CTA dealing with them. Some glitches in loading value on the new Ventra payment cards arose this week among students, the Tribune reports. Money put on the card online wasn’t showing up on the cards themselves. The CTA said, “The Ventra team has resolved those issues quickly—in many cases that same day—to make sure that impact on customers is minimal.” I think we all have to remember this is a new system, and there will be problems. Be sure and report those problems right away to get them fixed.

CTA Quincy Loop "L" station. (Photo from www.chicago-l.org)

CTA Quincy Loop “L” station. (Photo from www.chicago-l.org)

Historic Quincy Loop “L” station to get fresh look, elevators. The CTA will use $15.7 million of city tax-increment financing (TIF) funds to make the historic Quincy station accessible to customers with disabilities, says a CTA news release. “Improvements will include the addition of two elevators, the replacement of two sets of entrance stairs, as well as painting, lighting improvements, and other repairs—while retaining the historic appearance of the station, one of the few surviving original Loop “L” stations. The Quincy station, built in 1897, was last renovated 25 years ago in 1988. It is now in need of additional of upgrades and repairs.”

CTA appoints rail construction manager. Parsons Brinckerhoff will oversee the delivery of all CTA rail projects throughout the city, according to Global Rail News. “The company will provide construction management services for Chicago transport projects, starting with the $220 million Red Line track renewal program.”
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  • More importantly, they released photos of what the new Cermak station on the Green Line will look like.
    Wonder of wonders, they abandoned the idiotic original idea of back to back island platforms & will have only one island platform.
    Sanity reigns for once at the CTA!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    I don't see anything different in the pictures on the TV than what was released April 30, as documented on chicagobus.org. Also, as discussed there, it may be one long center platform, but it appears to be a long uncovered distance from the elevator to the boarding area under the tube like canopy.

    The other thing that seemed noticeable on TV was that in the shoveling dirt sequence, Klein was near the middle but Claypool was at the end, but maybe this was because (a) it is a CDOT project and (b) Brizard explained what Claypool's real role is, as discussed on several Chicago Now politics blogs.

  • In reply to jack:

    When they first released the details on this station a couple of years ago, it was going to be like Loyola, two center island platforms separated in the middle with elevator & stairs. One half for each direction. That almost doubles the cost.
    I guess they finally realized that there is never going to be crowds on this station like at Garfield right now & for the next two months.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    But this isn't any better for those trying to get from the elevator to the boarding area, and Kevin Z indicated that the two berthing areas are going to be staggered. Only difference seems to be that access is not in the middle of it. Not clear where the stairs or escalators are to be.

  • I saw a guy try to pay with a Ventra card today. It didn't work.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    $454 million & it doesn't work right.
    Typical CTA!

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    This is supposed to be a phase-in period.

    However, as is developing in the chicagobus.org Ventra thread, the business about "waiving the $5 fee" is a bunch of doubletalk. Either you buy the ticket through a means where it is automatically registered, or through a machine and have to pay $5 over which is credited on registration.

    But it is seeming to look like, like the debit card slide flack, someone will figure out a way to mess up the transit side too, with the reports about the student fare card not having money credited to it being the first. Also, it does not appear (if you buy that discussion*) that the open media part will work as thought, either. So it may end up typical CTA.

    *I don't know if trigger works for them, or he has researched it that thoroughly. Probably works for them.

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